Monday, November 9, 2009


I am lost in my hectic but wonderful life! I am so so behind on school crap, I am gaining weight back, I have yet to start walking again, I'm eating like shit, I am not loving my job, my students suck, I am annoyed with coworkers. That about sums it up!
I really need to get my act together with eating right and walking. I went to Publix tonight and got "healthy snacks" for work. I find myself wanting nothing but crap 24/7. I think its the stress causing that because while I was pregnant I wasn't even that bad! It gets dark so early now so by the time I get home with Lillian its pretty much dark and I am a big old chicken and won't go alone in the dark! :)
My job sucks. I have a classroom full of annoying ass boys. Boys who want to play all day long instead of learn. I got another one today. On a positive note my one wacko who's on meds is (we're pretty sure) out of district. He lied about his address to go to our school. So since him and his brother are such shit heads everyone is working over time to get them out! Sad but true! He is so effing smart. The kids writing is above average but he is such a punk. It's sad to me because every year I usually LOVE my students. This year, not so much. I like 2 boys and maybe one of my girls. The rest are annoying. They are so mean to each other, they tattle all day long, they walk around the room like they can do whatever they want, its annoying! This year is just sad. I can't stand going to stupid meeting after stupid meeting. Making RW & WW calendars after we did it all last year, oh but wait we have to meet the students needs. HELLO, they are all LOW so whatever we do they will benefit from! It's never ending bullshit. Everyone there has an attitude, their all on edge ready to blow at any second. One teacher ate shit in the cafe breaking a finger only to have 2 days later almost knock herself out on a file cabinet drawer... she gets 10 days off from workers comp! Nice... maybe I should run into a pole and knock myself out! I am such a loser this year. Don't have 99% of the stuff done that I should. Funny part is, I don't care! Lillian comes first now. I do what I can there and leave.
Speaking of Lillian... she is freaking adorable. I am bias yes I know! This morning I woke up and checked on her via the video monitor and there she was with this ear to ear smile staring at the camera! It was hilarious! She wasn't crying but just smiling and cooing. LOVE it! She is pretty much on a night time schedule now. She eats and goes down between 7:30- 8:00 and sleeps till 1 0r 2. Then she gets up again around 5-6 again. I have no idea if she is on a day time schedule since she is with my mom. My mom says she does great during the day at her house. So nice having her there!
My sister had her little one. Emily Grace was 8lbs 2oz and 3 weeks early. She had PreE so the doctor was worried. So far she is doing good. She spits up a lot more then Lillian did. They might have to start adding cereal to her BM or formula. But Lillian has a cousin that's 2 months younger then her now. They are going to have so much fun together!!
Alright I am off to do report cards. YUCK! :(

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mtendere said...

I've definitely had years where my students were s difficult that I was counting down the days well befre Christmas break. At least teaching gives you the opportunity to start over every year. I hope it gets better after some time, though. And sometimes getting rid of one student can make all the difference, so I hope that works out for you.

The insane paperwork and hoops to jump through get worse every year, I think. The powers that be think that the solution to all problems in education lie in adding new programs or paperwork. I wish they realized that it would be better for everyone if they asked us to do less, but insisted that it was done well. Everything you've said in this post is why I am so fortunate to be able to take off a whole school year. It must be so hard!

Sorry for the epistle. I'm glad Lillian is doing so well. I'm sure you can't wait to get home to her every afternoon!