Thursday, July 22, 2010

Starting a new blog...

I want a new blog. No real reason.
So if you'd like to follow it please send me a message letting me know who you are and you're email address! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learned a lot about myself recently

1. I am more of a paranoid mom then I thought I'd be.

L's been sick and I am freaking out she is going to get dehydrated. Pedi said to stop giving her formula so the diarrhea stops (which it has) so I've been pushing pedialyte that she isn't a fan of. I felt like I was hit by a bus by 5pm yesterday simply from worrying!

2. I totally have an emotional eating issue.

With her being sick I've been stressed. I turn to junk food for comfort... I've never really realized this before!! It's really that I noticed it cause now I am making a conscious effort to distance myself from it all. Considering I lost ZERO pounds last week motivates me even more.

3. I get irritable very fast over nothing.

This I've kind have seen before but totally saw it the last few days. It started with not losing any weight last week, then talking to DH about $$, and having L get sick to finish it off. I went to bed early last night before punching something!! I didn't fall asleep till about 11 :::yawns:::

4. I'm not sure I could be a SAHM.

LOVE, love, love staying home with her. But I've realized I have to have some adult interaction during the week.

That's it! I must go do something productive before nap time ends!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Lost 1 lb this week. Not horrible but no spectacular either! BUT I am almost to my 5% lost. Total lost so far is 7.2.

So I am determined to walk 4 times this week in this nasty heat. I want to get back into the 150's. I went through some clothes in the closet and was VERY surprised I fit into a few capris and pants. Before I use to stuff my fat arse in them and looked like I was spilling out of them! Gross.
It amazes me how just a few pounds make such a difference. :)

On another note Lillian is getting 2 more teeth. :(
It's so sad having her wake up in the middle of the night moaning and groaning cause they are bothering her. We've been using the hylands tablets which have helped.

She said "dog" this morning. Clear and perfectly. Before it was just "dah".

I think going back to work is going to be tougher then it was when she was 8 weeks old. :/
I am not looking forward to it at all.

I love getting her out of her crib in the morning and from naps. She sometimes pretends to be sleeping still. She'll throw herself down and lay flat out with out moving... it cracks me up!

We start swim lessons tomorrow. Kinda nervous. Not sure what we'll be doing. I am terrified of dunking her head under the water. She isn't a fan of getting water poured over her head in the bath. Hoping she learns something from it. It's only 2 weeks long. We can't afford the other swim programs. SIL is paying $55 a week for 3, 15 minutes sessions. We paid $45 for 8, 30 minute sessions. Anything she gets is better then nothing!

My classroom is coming along. I bought stuff to make curtains to cover some cabinets. I've never really sewn anything so this is going to be an experience. My mom has a machine she's never even used so we busted it out and will be using it. She knows how to sew but we're still figuring out this machine itself! Hopefully they turn out decent!

I have a major head start over everyone at school. All my boxes are unpacked, furniture moved in and set up. That feels great to know. There are tons of people moving rooms this year so come Aug it'll be interesting! Everyone wanted a grade change.

Gotta go get ready for church :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Sometimes I wonder how I haven't run out of things to "look up" online.

I miss being a kid. No bills, no jobs, no worries!

I have tons of irrational fears/thoughts. These are both random (like when Kevin leaves for work with L and I have a quick thought of "what if something happens to them on the way to my moms?") I hate that my mind even flashes those thoughts.
Then there is the "Is L developing correctly?" "What will she turn out to be like?" I watched too much Dateline, 2020, and Intervention. GAH!

I HATE and LOVE how L loves my mother to pieces. She pitches fits when we leave their house. She cries when my mom walks out of the room. She lights up when my mom walks back into the room. I wouldn't want her to do that with anyone but my mom, well unless it was with ME!
I yell at her telling her I delivered her and she better love me! lol

I don't go a day with out thinking about my weight, what I've eaten or if I've exercised enough.

I'm getting to know my MIL more by hanging out with her this summer. We went to breakfast this morning. She really is a cool person!

I can't stand people on facebook who put the same shit as their status every single day. Everyone knows your on vaca, your loving life, your family is the best, you're very grateful for everything. Guess what... NO ONE GIVES A SHIT after the 50th time!

There are a group of coworkers I can't stand at all. They are so fake. They don't hesitate to talk shit about anyone behind their back. They do all they can to brown nose the right people. I'm the do your job and go home kinda person.

I wish I could have a baby for my sister... not sure I could handle that whole process.

I could sleep in till 11 everyday if it wasn't for L waking up! ::yawn::

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm such a d o r k!

I'm moving my classroom tomorrow to the kindergarten hall and I am totally excited!
I think having new scenery is going to be great.

I've been in the same hallway/room for 4 years. I was always one of those kids that moved my bedroom furniture around 3 times a year. Mom would come home to crap every where. And I'd have my butt behind my dresser pushing it around the room!

The classroom I am moving to is bigger and much more open. The last 4 years I've been in a concreatable (a room they added on later as the school grew, no windows but 1). My new room has windows all across the front and lets in more natural light.

I am trying to picture in my head where I am going to put everything. I love the beginning of the year because it's a fresh start. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

-1.8 Not to shabby

I've been trying really hard to watch what goes in my mouth. Not to say I don't give in here and there. Looks like its paying off. Total weight loss right now 6.2lbs. I'll take it! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pretty Amazed

This was my pumpkin 10 months ago.... and the picture below is her today! Wow, it amazes me how fast babies grow the first year. Before having L I didn't realize how short of a time period a year was. I use to think, Uh a YEAR... that's forever from now! Oh how I was wrong! Her first year of life is almost over. ::tear::
On another note, I am giving myself credit today for things I don't normally do.
-I went walking 2 times this week! Yay! That's more then I've done in a l o n g time.
-I am a great mom! We've been having so much fun this summer. I love, love, love watching her play on her own. Sitting there talking to her toys, looking at her books in depth and seeing her tiny gears in her head turning. She is my little sponge! Which reminds me we need to seriously get our mouths in shape. No more cuss words. My mouth is horrible sometimes. Especially when someone doesn't know how to drive in front of me!
-I ate pretty well this week. Don't think I lost any but we will find out tomorrow morning. Eeekk!
And another note! I feel like everyone (online buds) are TTC baby #2. I am kinda jealous. I am totally wishy washy when it comes to baby #2. Well just to put it out there, we won't be TTC again any time soon. We aren't saving $$ right now so until that happens we don't feel comfortable bringing another life into the world. I would LOVE to be pregnant again. But then I want to know L's little personality before having to focus on another lil' one. And I am *trying* to get back in shape so being pregnant would blow that out of the water. Have I said all this before?! Feeling like I've already posted this rant! lol
Ahh guess time will tell! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To those who comment in Chinese letters

I don't know what you are writing so please do not take it as me being rude when I do not respond and or delete you comments. That's all! Thanks! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

We need to hit the LOTTO!

So tired of having to worry about $$.

I know this is probably never going to end. Unless we hit the lotto!
We have two goals at this point for saving $.

We want another child in the near future. We're not TTC right now by any means for more then one reason.
a) I want to enjoy L more and get to know her little personality. I want to be able to focus on her for another year at least.
b) We need more $$ to afford to have another baby
c) I am working really hard (kinda hard) on getting my body into shape

And we also want to buy a house in the next 3 maybe 4 years. We currently live in a town house which isn't tiny. I want a backyard and a real drive way... random huh?!
I am tired of this parking lot and lugging all this shit in daily! And when it rains it sucks even more. I want a kitchen with more room. And a pool would be nice too!!

Okay I drifted off into lala land there for a moment.

We're not broke at all. We just have a # that we like to stay above in our account. We already do the Florida prepaid college fund for L so that's getting done. Which in return will save us $ later on. We're not living paycheck to paycheck. We just aren't saving like we'd like to.

We decided that we need to not do all the things we wanted to this summer.
No Dave Matthews tickets :(
No going to Orlando to visit our friends.
No buying all the fun stuff for my classroom I was looking at (this I'm ok with)
No going all out on L's first birthday

I think I'm saddest about the Dave Matthews concert. It's been like a tradition for us.

I guess what it all comes down to is... I am thankful for so many other things that $ isn't really that important. I know for a fact their are families out there that are way worse off then us right now!

Just hoping things all work out in the long run!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

First weigh in today in a month

And I was shocked.

I didn't gain at all. In fact I was down 0.2 so now I am at an exact 165lbs! Whoo hoo!

I don't think the tiny old lady weighing me in realized it had been a month since the last time I was there. She praised me for not gaining and sent me off. I was thrilled. I'll take it at this point.

So today the hubs and I went to the grocery store. I sware the two of us have the BIGGEST junk tooth there is. We both love the same horrible foods. Although he'll eat anything you put in front of him be it junk or healthy food.

As for my little lady who I've neglected to write about in the last few weeks... she is wonderful. I just love her to pieces.

I am in love with the way she burrows her tiny head into my chest when I go in and pick her up from her naps or first thing in the morning.

Right now I am almost positive she is getting both top teeth at the same time. Her gums are super white and she has an excessive amount of drool.

I'm not gonna lie. I am pretty much OVER the whole "dada" bit. I tell her 10 times a day she needs to move onto another consonant... "mmm" might be a start! But I doubt it's going to happen anytime soon.

She is eating like a champ. I have yet to put something in her mouth she doesn't like (not sure if that's a good or bad thing) She hoovers around me while I am eating. She won't let me get away without giving her a taste.

She's taken a few spills since pulling up onto things. It kills me but I know it's just the start!

I'm having a great time being a "pretend" SAHM! That's what I call it since its only a few months. I do think it would be tough to do it full time. I'd want to go out and do all kinds of things that cost $$ that we don't have right now. Inside things like this place called A Latte fun. Its a kids gym with an adult coffee shop inside too. Its fun and has air conditioning which is a MUST in hot a** south florida right now. It's like $8-10 per kid to get in. I think L is free since she is so small still.

We will be doing lots of play dates in the coming weeks. This week we're going to visit our friend Melissa who has a 4 week old and a 4 year old. Would it be rude to bring L with me?? I know kids are carriers but she has a live in carrier... thoughts?

Then we have a old high school friend who has 2 year old twin girls. We might meet up with them.

Gotta keep busy!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have it for just about everything.

Here is my tiny list:

- Motherhood too much to go into!!

- Being a Wife same as above

-Spending $ on MYSELF! This is a big one.... cause ya know I can spend whatever money I have on Lilly and it's always justified. I on the only hand, need nothing. The word *want* shouldn't even be in my vocabulary. Like the purse I wanted today while at Target. Yes, note the store one more time. TARGET. Not Coach which I was at while in NC. The green purse at Target today for $12.98 (it was on clearance) almost put me into tears!!
I walked by that damn purse 2 times before heading directly to the checkout lane! Like seriously. I know many people who spend $200+ on purses. But I can't... cause I don't... here's that word again... NEED it! I reminded myself several (almost 2o times) that we aren't currently saving so I need to do my part and only buy stuff I need. And then I proceeded to slap myself in the face for not taking $ and spending it on myself when in fact we did have a little to spare. We're not broke but saving is a big deal around here. And I'm all about it!

-Exercise. Hate that word. It just has neon negative lights all around it. I feel terrible when I don't go because I know it's so important for more then one reason. And then I feel horrible for going when I could be spending that hour with Lilly before bed. But now since I am on summer break I am going to go in the morning right when she gets out of bed. Ya know since its like 100 degrees here by 8am!!

- Eating well. I've had a reading workshop all week this week. Which means lots of eating out with friends to chat about what we're learning or lack there of! While at lunch this week I realized a few things. 1) I eat way to freakin fast 2) I eat a.l.o.t 3) I eat pretty much what I know I should be eating! I think #1 & 2 bother me the most. Now I know why my 2 friends stay so thin... they throw half of what they ordered away!

- Family. Love them all to the moon and back BUT they drive me nuts. Then I feel guilty for feeling annoyed! That bit is never ending!!

I guess my point in this is I am so tired of watching everything.

Watching how much money I spend, what I eat, how fast I eat, how much I eat, how I don't exercise, how I need to exercise, the amount of interaction I do with Lilly, planning her birthday party (WHOA!) how many times a week I cook dinner, the laundry being done, the house being cleaned, babysitting for my sister, and on and on and on and on!!!

I feel like I need a mental vacation!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No good...

at anything.

I am much harder on myself then I am on anyone else. Is that the norm??!

I suck at sticking to anything.

Good eating habits- fail 99% of the time
Cooking- ok for a week then fail
Motherhood- pretty good most the time but sometimes I get selfish (shocking I know)
Exercise- great for 2 weeks then nada for 2 months+
Wife- pretty great in some areas that I won't mention... but totally suck in other areas (putting laundry away, keeping up with cleaning... what else is there?! lol )

I have no idea why I'm like this.

I don't have a passion for anything really. I would say I LOVE shopping but I have total guilt when I buy myself the littlest things.

I turn to food for comfort. Maybe because people *need* to have food to live. I dunno. Just throwing it out there. When I go shopping I always say to myself, "Do I REALLY need this?" and the answer is mostly no. Then I throw whatever I'm holding onto some random shelf nearby.

Why is it that once women have children they stop taking care of themselves? Cause this is totally my situation right now.

I really want a hobby or even to join Lady of America only to go to their Zumba classes. But it all goes back to $$. I hear the 'we aren't saving' speech every time bill paying time rolls around.

And I am cool with that. Cause I know he is only looking out for OUR best interest. It isn't like he is being an asshole about it.

I need to do something. I should have gone out walking this afternoon. Walking is so b.o.r.i.n.g!! Think I'd rather poke my eyes out!

I need some sort of motivation. I wanted my 10 yr reunion to be that motivation. Yeah well so much for that. It's gone!

Now I have this wild idea of going back to school in August in a much smaller size... August is closer then I realized! Damn it. It's always something.

I had a plan. I was going to wake up every morning and go walking when Lilly woke up. Yeah that has happened like ZERO time so far. I started a reading workshop this week so I couldn't. And before that I was in NC.

:::vent over:::

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fell Off the WW wagon



Being out of school has totally thrown me for a few loops!

And to those who comment in Chinese letters. I have no clue what you're writing!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another 2 pounds gone...

Although this "holiday" weekend looks like I might have gained it back. Friends were in town and I kinda lost all control. Back on track tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm not on a DIET!!!!!!!!

Holy food police! I can't stand how once you tell someone you are doing WW they automatically think it's their job to ask you, "Can you eat this?" "should you have that?" "Are you allowed...." "How many points is that?"

Or those people who want to know how it is going. Don't ask. It's not fun. Hell yeah I'd rather be eating a cheese steak sandwich with fries rather then this salad!

All the times I've done WW in the past the comments never really bothered me. This time, I am about to blow! Maybe because my head is totally in it. And I've realized it's not something I plan on only doing for a short amount of time. I'm in it for the long haul. And I am not only doing it for myself. It's for my husband and Lillian.

At work I had 2 coworkers who's husband's had heart attacks within a week of each other. Neither were over weight by any means. But their horrible eating habits probably caught up to them. Clogged arteries. And both are in their early 50's. That's too young for that to be going on!

Boy that felt good to vent! Now I'll be able to get through tomorrows comments!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back at Weight Watchers

Last week was great. I lost 2.2 lbs. I am kinda scared what this week is going to bring. I haven't been tracking all that well. We went out to dinner Saturday night and I think I had one too many fries.

So now I sit here watching Biggest Loser. Wow these people lost so much effing weight. How dare I complain about my 30-40lbs I am needing to get rid of?! These strangers are real inspirations.

We had turkey burgers for dinner tonight. They were decent. I am running out of recipe ideas. I need more.

I also need to start walking again more often. Oh the to-do list... love them! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Whoa it's been a LONG time!

Where has time gone?!

I can't stand how life is just flying by so freakin fast! Lilly will be 9 months this week. Eeeekkk!

My little princess is almost 1 year old! She has 9 more days to spend with G-ma before I am home for summer break. I can't wait to get to spend the time with her. It'll also give me some time to do her scrap book and plan her birthday party.

We're going on our first plane ride minus dada... he can't get off from work :(
Going up to see Auntie in North Carolina with my parents. So at least I won't be traveling alone.

She has changed a lot since the last time I was on here. She's crawling and just started to pull up onto things. She has 2 bottom teeth. I think her top teeth will be here soon too. She is drooling a ton. She has a total fit if someone does something to her that she doesn't like (kisses, taking things away, pulling her away from the computer wire)!

She got her first booboo this afternoon... it breaks my heart. We were sitting outside on a blanket with the dogs. Well our one dog saw something and took off running, the leash was touching Lilly's arm and kinda gave her rope burn. She cried a little bit but nothing like she should have by the looks of it. It looks terrible. :::tear::: I cried. I just hope it doesn't leave a scar. I called the pedi and he said to put neosporin on it with a long sleeve shirt.

As for myself... I went back to WW last Saturday. The first week went well. I lost 2.2lbs. Better then I expected. I need to start walking more. I plan on going first thing in the morning once I am off this summer. I've found this great blog called that I love! The recipes are so yummy! It feels good to finally be doing something for myself. :)

I've been having some terrible mommy guilt. It is over the silliest things sometimes. I am getting through it though. This whole leash/rope burn deal isn't making it easy!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Decision... MADE!

Love HER!!!!!! And lovin being home on spring break!!

So after lots of tears and talking we decided that it would be in the best interest for our family that K take the position at the sheriffs office.

I am excited for him and nervous for myself! He needs to get out of where he is at now. And this job offers great opportunities. Benefits, pension, VACATION time (he hasn't had one in years)!

I am nervous for myself because of the unknown. We have no idea what shift he'll end up with. It could be the midnight to 8am which would totally suck! That would mean I'd have to sleep alone- I don't deal well with that! That would mean I would now have to start dropping Lillian off in the mornings at my moms. Which is alright but I'd be getting up super early, having to get ready alone with her at the same time... not sounding great to me! Yikes! Manageable of course but a PITA too! I just see that shift = more on my back!

Another ugh part is holidays. Depending on what shift he ends up with depends on if he'll get any holidays off at all. Boo to not knowing yet! I am so impatient!

As for my decision on moving schools. It's not possible. For the simple fact of (again) the unknown. I couldn't possibly wake up, get myself and a baby put together, fed and out the door, drive north 20 minutes to turn around and drive south 40 minutes ALL before 7:30 am!! I'd be waking up at freaking 4am. Which is not doable at all for me! So thats on hold. Which is perfectly fine. I wasn't thrilled with the whole idea to begin with.

So we'll see what happens! I'll be praying every night that K ends up with a day shift!!!!!!!!!! lol

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh Life...

Why are you throwing so many decisions at us right now?!

Both Kevin and I are going to (sooner or later) have to make a choice on our jobs. My situation is this...

I have a really great opportunity to move to a much nicer school then where I am at now. Where I am at now is a mess. Admin is nice. I get along great with both the Principal and AP. Love everyone I work with for the most part. The kids/parents are rough. The kids have very unstable living environments. They get pulled in and out of schools all year long. And they are very low in every aspect of life. Some friends at school say "I wouldn't want to deal with parents at an affluent school." others say "Do you really want to go down with this sinking ship?!" I think my one friend is scared to move hence why she has nothing positive to say about me looking into moving.

This all came up from going out a few weekends ago while my sisters were in town. A friend of ours works at this new school. She is the intervention specialist there and works closely with that principal. She couldn't believe I was still teaching where I am at and mentioned that there would be openings at her school. Which totally got me thinking. Now she is working on getting me in. Its a bit far considering where I am at now is a whole 10 min from my house. Its about 30 min away.

One friend of mine who use to work with me but transferred said "Take the transfer and don't look back!" So I am kinda reminding myself of that when I get scared about moving. The next step is to let my principal in on it all. I hope she isn't upset about me considering a move. Not sure yet when/how to tell her.

Now DH might be changing careers all together. He currently is in construction. And is looking into becoming a corrections officer. He took his polygraph test and passed this morning. Is it wrong that I was hoping he'd fail for my own personal reasons? This job change would mean he would start working nights, weekends and holidays. We've had it good where he is at now. He was scared for a bit that where he is at now might not last due to the economy. Hence why he was looking for something else.

I am trying REALLY hard to be supportive. But honestly can't imagine him not around at night or on weekends. I can deal with the holidays. I have a hard enough time sleeping alone when he goes out with the guys at night. Ahhhh, I hope this change is for the better and I don't end up miserable.

Not sure why but I feel like this is going to add a ton onto my plate. I have no idea how its going to work with dropping off and picking up Lillian. Right now it works out great. He drops her off in the morning and I pick her up in the afternoons... how does that work when he works nights? When would we freaking see each other?!

I have to calm down. He wants this so badly. I need to try to find the positive in it! :::looks around:::

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear March... where did you go?!

Seriously... can't believe March is almost over! Super tired so I just wanted to post some pictures. Big girl is sitting all alone!!

Her first time at the beach... it was kinda chilly hence the pants and hoodie! Aunt Shell put her toes in the sand. She loved it!

Her baptism dress that my MIL made out of my wedding dress. The baptism went great. Except her sock fell in the holy water!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I've been a BAD blogger!

::slaps hand::

Life is busy, busy these days! Trying to plan Lillian's baptism which is this weekend. My sisters are in town. So much going on. I will try to be a better blogger once things calm down!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mom, I love you but...

you are driving me nuts!

For those who still read this and don't already know my mom watches Lillian while I am at work. I LOVE it. I've never worried about her being taken care of. Its such a peaceful feeling to know that she isn't sitting in a crib crying, in a dirty diaper, or starving!
But I'm human. And I get short fused once in awhile! It just seems like every single day my mom has an issue. It's either one of the following or many....

1. Lillian won't sleep. She is fighting her nap. She keeps crying and won't fall to sleep.
2. She didn't want to eat her bottle. I dunno what's going on?!
3. She didn't want her cereal and fruit. Not sure what's the matter?!
4. It was a "hold me" day today. I couldn't put her down.
5. As soon as I walk away she fusses... I think she wants me to entertain her.

Does anyone see what I am seeing?! lol

My mom is creating a spoiled monster!!!!! She won't let Lillian cry for more then 5 minutes. She is 6 months old and playing the system big time! My dad calls my mom out all the time when I go to pick her up. It's the funniest shit ever. My dad says "It wasn't a hold me day... it was a Rara (thats what we call my mom instead of Gma) won't let me cry day!"
I really really really appreciate having my mom. I wouldn't change it for the world. I just wish she would get Lillian on some what of a daytime routine. It's just hard to hear it. I don't scream or let her see my frustrations. I just vent them on here! haha

We have no issues on the weekends. Hopefully they can figure each other out sooner or later! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6 Months OLD!

Lilly's first pigtails!! I am obsessed with doing things to her hair now! Gonna try a side ponytail next! lol

I cannnn not believe she is effing 6 months old! Where has time gone?! I love her to pieces. Lilly is the best little baby! We went to a golf tournament on Sat. Tons of people, loud music and everything... and what does she do? Falls sound asleep! She laughs at just about anything I do. She is very personable and hasn't had that clingy mom fit yet. Hope she doesn't have that too. I want her to be able to play and let other people hold her and not get upset.
Today I brought her to school for the first time. She went right to everyone and was smiling the entire time!
SLEEP. Oh dear Mr.Sleepy time! My little love bundle still wakes up various times at night. Last night I woke her up at 10pm to eat. She ate 7oz. Then woke up A.G.A.I.N at 4:30am.... and ate 7oz. She was kinda on a funky schedule yesterday.
We upped her solids to 2 times a day. HOping it makes a difference. It's hard to keep up with it all especially when were out and not home.
As for myself... still working on the whole loosing weight part. I went strong walking almost everyday for 2 weeks. Last week.... not so much! I had doctors appointments just about every afternoon. Wed- my doc for back pain still after delivering Lilly. He thinks its muscle spasms. Went for an x-ray and he gave me some pain killers and anti-inflammatory. Not filling the pain killers. Hate how loopy they make me feel! Thurs- Lillys 6 month check up. She weighs 17lbs 2 oz. And is right on track with everything! Fri- dermatologist app. DH thought I had some suspicious spots on my back. But nope everything is fine!
As for school. Oh boy. Lots of drama in the upper grades. A student in 4-5 told the media teacher he was going to cut her throat. Then a 5th grade teacher lost it and started crying in front of her kids because they were being so disrespectful. A 4th grade teacher was being accused of hitting a female student out at the bus loop in front of everyone... um hello if your gonna lie then at least say it wasn't done in front of the entire staff! What a mess. We've had CTA meetings about discipline issues. Parents threatening teachers saying "Don't you know we all have weapons on us? In our cars, purses and pockets?!" Whoa. Its not good! Curious how things pan out. Certain teachers are determined to get administration out of there. They are nice people but aren't hard enough on discipline. Parents are running the show!
Ahhh another day in the neighborhood! lol :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm a bitch.

Especially when I am PMSing. And everything and anything annoys the crap out of me! Here are some things that got to me in the last few weeks.

1. If a child isn't yours (or even remotely related to you for that matter) then don't question if they should have shoes on when going outside to play.

2. You're a mom now... suck it up and stay home at least one weekend without getting a babysitter. Your child stayed at Gma's both Friday & Sat night last weekend... do you REALLY need to have another freaking babysitter?!

3. You're a teacher. I'm sorry you were the unlucky person to get the new kid who is very low. Don't tell me "I don't have time to go back and teach K to this kid!" Do your job and stop complaining. He is in your room. Don't try to get him moved to the ESE room because your lazy. Get your alphabet book out and start going over letter sounds for cryin out loud!

4. Stop looking at houses in FL and Suburbans when your teenage child is out of control. Save up the money and send her butt to private school before she is knocked up and into some crap you shouldn't have to deal with. TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS.... I repeat TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS!

5. Your 8 month old doesn't like a (dirty) bag of rice. You gave it to her. She is 8 months old and will play with what YOU give her! Don't tell me one more time "I don't know why, but she likes to play with odd things!" Um... maybe because that's what you're giving her. How bout that?!

6. Love it when you say "Watch this... its so funny when she does this, watch"
"Blahsaofhosfhbgkihf, come on do it, norihgoarghoargalshdfdf, come on...."
"Man I don't know why she won't do it now?"
Maybe cause she 8 months old & likes making an ass outta you. You just made a complete fool of yourself. BAH!

7.Don't put as your FB status "is back from an amazing time on our honeymoon. We had the best time ever! Pics to come soon! =) And to all of you wondering and hoping...(and we know there's alot of you)...YES, we did work on making a *** baby! LOL."
Really. You're so mature. I want to slap the shit out of you!

Ahhhh, can you feel the LOVE?! lol Ok I am done being a bitch!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Favorites

Ahhh I love Friday's. I honestly live for every Friday!

My favorite this week is...

Having Monday off to spend ALL day with Lillian! We met some friends for lunch at the mall. Lillian blessed my friend Lindsey with a little spit up! Ew! It was actually more then I've ever seen her spit up before. Lins is one of those friends who has huge boobs and lets them hang out... well the spit up went right down her cleavage! My other friends thought it was hysterical. I was totally embarrassed! Oops!

After lunch we walked around Walmart for about an hour. I looked at a ton of things I don't need and didn't buy! Only for the fact that Kevin and I made a deal to only buy things we *need*. Hate that damn deal!

After Wally world we went home for nap time. I just loved being with her all day. Thank God for Presidents! ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Going private....

So if you want to still follow then please send me your email! Thanks!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday's Favorites

Lillian is 5 months old... can't believe it!
Taking Monkey's lead and starting this Friday's Favorites... I have a few this week!

1) I went walking 3 times a week this week. That's a record!! And Lilly enjoyed being out in the fresh air too.

2) I had a student read a level F independently!! I was scared he wouldn't make progress to go to 2nd grade. We've been working REALLY hard!

3) I loved making my pumpkin LOL tonight by making funny faces at her! She giggles so easily and it my new goal!

On another note. My mom caught me totally off guard this afternoon when I went to pick up Lilly. Little background info... my parents bought property in GA a year or so ago. They have lived in the same house since I was 5 and the market still sucks here right now.

They want to build a house on the GA property but aren't willing to sell their house for next to nothing. So... she asked me if K would consider moving into their house here, pay the taxes (its paid off), keep up with the yard (its on almost 3 acres) and rent out our townhouse we're in right now.

She said she wanted to offer it to us first since they have already helped out my other sister who lives here. (They bought a house years ago when the market was great, fixed it up and sold it to her for what they originally bought it for. Sis saved a ton of $)

Nothing is set. It's just an idea they threw out there. K says if we can do that and save $$ then he would be all for it. So I'd be moving back into the house I grew up in since I was 5. Whoa! Love that damn house. It wouldn't actually happen for at least a year maybe two. And we would only be in it a few years till the market gets better and they could sell it. I think deep down they are sad to let go of the house. We all were raised in that house!

We will know more by summer time. They go up to GA the end of March to get more info on building a house. So that's kinda exciting!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fatty, fatty, 2 by 4...

can't fit through the kitchen door. Maybe I'd be better off if I couldn't fit in the kitchen door!
Still having a hard time fitting in anything. Fitting in exercise into my daily schedule, fitting into any clothes, fitting into what I want to be... a size 8. Thats all. I don't want to be stick skinny. Just a simple 8. Right now I am squeezing into my 12's which is gross. I went shopping and got a few tops but REFUSE to buy 14s for the lower half. Yuck. Ok enough bitching!

On to my little princess!!! I literally could eat her up! She is getting such a little attitude and shhhh I think its hilarious! I know I will not be saying this come next year when she is being a brat! But right now its funny as heck. I try to pry her tiny little mouth open to see if any teeth are breaking through. She gets all stiff and her face turns red and she makes this mean grunting noise like saying "get the hell off me!"
She is so cute and entertaining. In the car she talks so much. Sometimes you know its too much because her throat gets all dry and she ends up coughing. She only fusses when she is either hungry or sleepy.
Speaking of sleep. She is doing fabulous! We've been waking her up before we go to bed to give her a few ounces. Depending on how late her last feeding was. Last night she ate at 8pm and didn't wake till 6am!! Whooo Hooo! FINALLY! I probably just jinxed myself! lol

Life is still hectic as hell but I am loving every stinking moment with Lillian! I know its going to fly by and she'll be 16 before I can blink.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I want to be a SAHM!

So today being MLK day I had off... we had such a good time today. First we met a friend at the mall for lunch. We did a little window shopping too (can't afford one store in that mall) and browsed the racks of $200 dresses. I was in need of a dress for an up coming wedding. Then we met my friends mom at Kirkland where we tried not to knock anything over!
After that we ventured over to TJ Maxx which dear lord you woulda thought they were giving stuff away. So freaking busy. It was like an obstacle course getting through those aisles.
We hit up Publix and to get some stuff for the dinner I am going to wing cooking tonight. My MIL makes the best stuffed shrimp and so I am going to try it. Although I couldn't get through to her because when she watches Alexa she turns the phone off while baby naps. Seriously, shove the effing thing under a pillow! Annoying.
So now I sit here trying to get her to take a nap... she is fussing in her crib. She hasn't napped at all this afternoon so she is due.
I would to be able to stay home with her. I know its never going to be an option but I am sooo lucky to know I at least have summers off and breaks here and there. Couldn't imagine working straight through the year like most do. Knowing I'll have that time soon makes me happy! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prayers needed...

My best friend's SIL (got all that) had her little baby at 25 weeks on Thursday. He was 1lb 9oz. At this point they say he is stable. He had 2 blood transfusions and is hanging in there. Such a little trooper already. They are lucky enough to have a Ronald McDonald house to stay in. When she went into labor they transported her 2 hours away from home to a hospital with a special NICU in it. She only has on what she wore to the doctor that day.
Baby's name is Christopher. Thanks so much!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

WHY did I just eat that?

Seriously, chex mix. I didn't need you. This whole weight loss thing isn't going so well. I have no hand to mouth control at all. I was talking to my lovely friend E last night and told her something I've NEVER told anyone so far.
I miss being pregnant.
When I was pregnant I didn't have to worry about my fat ass.

I need to get my mind in gear. This isn't working what I got going on! :/

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Burnt out teacher here!

I love my job I really, really do! But I am having a hard time since being out at the beginning of the year. They seriously look at me like my heads cut off when I call them out for talking during writing.
We went over this 20 million times. When the music is on you are silent. Silent means no talking. Lets practice it now.... good. Do just that during writing. Should you be playing with your plastic wrapper from snack during writing? No, Mrs.A. Well what should you be doing? Writing. Ok what are you going to do to fix it? Write.
NOT EVEN 2 MINUTES LATER HE IS PLAYING AGAIN! Seriously. And I technically should be "conferencing" with others at this time!
My head is still attached to my shoulders. STOP looking at me like that when I again call you out for NOT WRITING. Pick a small moment, you're NOT done. WHen you're done you've only just begun....
ADD to your pictures
ADD to your words
ADD, ADD, ADD. Or start a new piece. And if I hear you went to the pool one more time I might just cut off my own head.
Reading... who teaches reading in 1st grade. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Teaching reading to 16 different kids on 10 different levels. Who has a dull butter knife???
I'm sorry Mrs.Smith. Your son does nothing in class. He doesn't look at the pictures while reading. He does not chunk the word and see if he knows AT least part of the word. He doesn't ask himself 1) does that word make sense 2) does that word sound right 3) does that word look right. Nope he keeps on keepin on reading that book all effed up!
"The cat ran no them c-c-c /c- ow-sh." So yes, yes he might stay back in 1st grade again if he doesn't get his shit together and stop playing and start reading during independent reading time. So NOT sorry! I don't care if you are embarrassed your son doesn't TRY!
V.E.N.T over! 5:30 am will be here soon and I'll have to do this shit called 1st grade all over again. Ahhh the feelings of working in title one! LOVE it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 Months... WOW!

I can't believe my baby is 4 months old already. I never thought that it would be so hard on me to see her get bigger. But I'm a big ole' mush pot over it. Just moving her out of her 3 months clothes is killing me! I was squeezing her chubby little butt in them till this week! :(
Lillian has changed so much. Rolling all over the place. I put her in her swing and literally turned my back to pick something off the floor and swoop there she went...facing backwards in the swing and flopping around like a fish.
DROOL! We have lots of it. Not sure if she is teething or what. She has her hands in her mouth a ton and her cheeks get bright red sometimes. I've felt around in there and don't feel anything. She is still NOT sttn. GAH! She is a total tease. One night this week she didn't get up at all. Then the next night she was up fussing 7-8 times. Usually we put the paci in her mouth and that satisfies her.

Its been SO crazy cold down here. 30's in FL huh? But yes it has been. Usually it'll get cold and then warm up during the day. It's stayed in the 50's a few days this week for the high. So we've had to bundle her up to go to grandma's in the morning.
I've had a few meltdowns recently. I've realized that being a mom (even though my DH is so very helpful) is no joke freaking hard. Hard as in I can't fit in everything. I am sick with myself personally. F.A.T- I went up 15 lbs after having Lillian. I lost the weight so quickly and should have paid more attention to KEEPing it off. But I didn't so now I am up 10lbs from what I was before getting PG. How does that happen? Uh, maybe from getting home late and not exercising. Maybe from eating like crap the last 3 months. Yes, that will do it.
Then I have work. Wow work sucks when you can't leave it at work. I have so much stuff I could/should be doing but I can't. And I refuse to do it when I could be spending time with Lillian. So I have reverted back to the old way of doing lesson plans. Handwriting them in. Administration isn't a big fan of people doing it that way but it isn't in our contract that they have to be typed out. Its just easier for me to be able to jot it down here and there. Rather then sitting behind a computer for hours.
Then there is the house... its dirty. And to be honest its the least of my worries!! Sooner or later I'll get it ALL together!!