Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm a bitch.

Especially when I am PMSing. And everything and anything annoys the crap out of me! Here are some things that got to me in the last few weeks.

1. If a child isn't yours (or even remotely related to you for that matter) then don't question if they should have shoes on when going outside to play.

2. You're a mom now... suck it up and stay home at least one weekend without getting a babysitter. Your child stayed at Gma's both Friday & Sat night last weekend... do you REALLY need to have another freaking babysitter?!

3. You're a teacher. I'm sorry you were the unlucky person to get the new kid who is very low. Don't tell me "I don't have time to go back and teach K to this kid!" Do your job and stop complaining. He is in your room. Don't try to get him moved to the ESE room because your lazy. Get your alphabet book out and start going over letter sounds for cryin out loud!

4. Stop looking at houses in FL and Suburbans when your teenage child is out of control. Save up the money and send her butt to private school before she is knocked up and into some crap you shouldn't have to deal with. TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS.... I repeat TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS!

5. Your 8 month old doesn't like a (dirty) bag of rice. You gave it to her. She is 8 months old and will play with what YOU give her! Don't tell me one more time "I don't know why, but she likes to play with odd things!" Um... maybe because that's what you're giving her. How bout that?!

6. Love it when you say "Watch this... its so funny when she does this, watch"
"Blahsaofhosfhbgkihf, come on do it, norihgoarghoargalshdfdf, come on...."
"Man I don't know why she won't do it now?"
Maybe cause she 8 months old & likes making an ass outta you. You just made a complete fool of yourself. BAH!

7.Don't put as your FB status "is back from an amazing time on our honeymoon. We had the best time ever! Pics to come soon! =) And to all of you wondering and hoping...(and we know there's alot of you)...YES, we did work on making a *** baby! LOL."
Really. You're so mature. I want to slap the shit out of you!

Ahhhh, can you feel the LOVE?! lol Ok I am done being a bitch!

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