Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6 Months OLD!

Lilly's first pigtails!! I am obsessed with doing things to her hair now! Gonna try a side ponytail next! lol

I cannnn not believe she is effing 6 months old! Where has time gone?! I love her to pieces. Lilly is the best little baby! We went to a golf tournament on Sat. Tons of people, loud music and everything... and what does she do? Falls sound asleep! She laughs at just about anything I do. She is very personable and hasn't had that clingy mom fit yet. Hope she doesn't have that too. I want her to be able to play and let other people hold her and not get upset.
Today I brought her to school for the first time. She went right to everyone and was smiling the entire time!
SLEEP. Oh dear Mr.Sleepy time! My little love bundle still wakes up various times at night. Last night I woke her up at 10pm to eat. She ate 7oz. Then woke up A.G.A.I.N at 4:30am.... and ate 7oz. She was kinda on a funky schedule yesterday.
We upped her solids to 2 times a day. HOping it makes a difference. It's hard to keep up with it all especially when were out and not home.
As for myself... still working on the whole loosing weight part. I went strong walking almost everyday for 2 weeks. Last week.... not so much! I had doctors appointments just about every afternoon. Wed- my doc for back pain still after delivering Lilly. He thinks its muscle spasms. Went for an x-ray and he gave me some pain killers and anti-inflammatory. Not filling the pain killers. Hate how loopy they make me feel! Thurs- Lillys 6 month check up. She weighs 17lbs 2 oz. And is right on track with everything! Fri- dermatologist app. DH thought I had some suspicious spots on my back. But nope everything is fine!
As for school. Oh boy. Lots of drama in the upper grades. A student in 4-5 told the media teacher he was going to cut her throat. Then a 5th grade teacher lost it and started crying in front of her kids because they were being so disrespectful. A 4th grade teacher was being accused of hitting a female student out at the bus loop in front of everyone... um hello if your gonna lie then at least say it wasn't done in front of the entire staff! What a mess. We've had CTA meetings about discipline issues. Parents threatening teachers saying "Don't you know we all have weapons on us? In our cars, purses and pockets?!" Whoa. Its not good! Curious how things pan out. Certain teachers are determined to get administration out of there. They are nice people but aren't hard enough on discipline. Parents are running the show!
Ahhh another day in the neighborhood! lol :)

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Scullyhoyy said...

She is too cute! I hear ya on how fast the last 6 months have gone...Just crazy.