Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mom, I love you but...

you are driving me nuts!

For those who still read this and don't already know my mom watches Lillian while I am at work. I LOVE it. I've never worried about her being taken care of. Its such a peaceful feeling to know that she isn't sitting in a crib crying, in a dirty diaper, or starving!
But I'm human. And I get short fused once in awhile! It just seems like every single day my mom has an issue. It's either one of the following or many....

1. Lillian won't sleep. She is fighting her nap. She keeps crying and won't fall to sleep.
2. She didn't want to eat her bottle. I dunno what's going on?!
3. She didn't want her cereal and fruit. Not sure what's the matter?!
4. It was a "hold me" day today. I couldn't put her down.
5. As soon as I walk away she fusses... I think she wants me to entertain her.

Does anyone see what I am seeing?! lol

My mom is creating a spoiled monster!!!!! She won't let Lillian cry for more then 5 minutes. She is 6 months old and playing the system big time! My dad calls my mom out all the time when I go to pick her up. It's the funniest shit ever. My dad says "It wasn't a hold me day... it was a Rara (thats what we call my mom instead of Gma) won't let me cry day!"
I really really really appreciate having my mom. I wouldn't change it for the world. I just wish she would get Lillian on some what of a daytime routine. It's just hard to hear it. I don't scream or let her see my frustrations. I just vent them on here! haha

We have no issues on the weekends. Hopefully they can figure each other out sooner or later! :)

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