Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thanks Maude!!!

Maude!! Thanks so much! :)

9 weeks & counting

9 weeks and counting. These weeks seem to be going by slower and slower! I feel much more bloated this week. Still not feeling PG but I guess I should count myself as lucky! I have my first OB appointment on Wednesday. I hope I get to hear the heartbeat or something. I hope its just not a Q&A session. Nothing else new going on with baby at this point. Still trying to get all the maternity clothes washed and sorted. I have more maternity clothes now then regular clothes... kinda sad!
In other news, I was asked by my principal on Friday if I would take a student from another 1st grade class. Which annoys the piss outta me. Because this so called teacher can't handle him and has no structure in her room I get the little shit who bugs the hell out of her! Hmm. so annoying! Its like why should I have to pay for her lack of discipline and routine in her room. Its 100 days into the school year and she sends kids out of her room like crazy. Maybe they should consider getting rid of her! AHH! But of course I said yes with a smile. I CAN'T say no. Even though I'd like to give her my 2 cents on the whole situation! In all honesty this kid isn't that bad. I've had him in my room before when she(the other teacher) decided not to show for work and we had to split her room up into all our rooms. And I made it a point to tell my principal that he'd been in my room before and I told him "I don't know what you guys do down there but its not gonna fly in here!" and he was fine for me! So maybe that was my tiny way to tell her that the other teacher is a slacker! lol
On another note, my sisters found a lawyer that is willing to help them with the whole surrogacy. They are probably going to have to fly to Kentucky for the procedure. I was scared for a while that it might not happen. The states that they live in have laws that ban or don't allow it the way they have to do it. Not sure why. So this guy seems to have the answers they need! Which is totally exciting! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeling better!

Its about damn time! I can NOT cough for more then 20-30 minutes! Wow!! Nothing else new. Someone said Congrats to me on Facebook... not sure if I should announce it on there or what. Hmm...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 8 & sick as a dog!

Your baby is growing like mad, putting on about a millimeter every day and continuing to straighten out in the trunk. Though you can't feel it yet, baby is moving those little arms, legs and (now only slightly) webbed fingers and toes like crazy.
So I've felt like total crap the last week. Its not even funny! It started out as a cough, then turned into a uncontrollable cough. So bad I called my doctor and they gave me Tylenol with codeine in it just to sleep at night. He said it was okay to use but only if I HAD to. Now today the cough isn't bad but when I do a green mess comes up too! I'd love to be able to stay home tomorrow but I know if I do now then that's one less day I'll have with baby A once it gets here. Our friends were in town this weekend. I wasn't very good at entertaining since I was in bed a lot. But they aren't those kind of guests.
Besides that, I don't really feel PG right now. I guess being so sick its kinda taken over! I hope it goes away soon. This sucks! :(

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First pics!

There it is! The baby itself is the image to the left and the other circle I was told was the yolk sac. I showed people at work today and some of the comments were too funny. A little old Hispanic women who translates for us was the best. She says "Ohhh that's what happens when you go to bed with no panties on at night!" in her Spanish accent. I about died! Well I must go sort through the 12... yes 12 big bags of maternity clothes my girlfriend gave me! They are piled in my closet!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We saw the heart beat!!

I had my first u/s appointment and it went well. I guess it went well... she didn't say much! She did a vaginal u/s and as I was lying there she told me I have a tilted uterus which was news to me! She messed around on the machine for a while and hit a bunch of buttons and then turned the screen to my view and showed me the baby and zoomed in a bit so you could see the heart beat. Next to the baby is a circle and DH asked her what it was and she said it is a yolk sac which is feeding the baby right now and it will turn into the placenta. Never knew that either! That was about all we got out of her! I asked all sweetly "So whats it measuring?" and she of course said I'd have to wait to talk to the doctor at my OB appointment on Feb 4th. So I went into the bathroom to change and hear DH say "That's it?" and she said how next time they will look for the limbs and organs and stuff. So I am assuming if something was wrong she would have said something one way or another.
So I am sitting here staring at the blob and getting ready to meet my sister with her family for dinner. : )

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The count down is on...

Tomorrow is our first u/s!! I am nervous and scared at the same time. I think its going to be fun to see DH's reaction as well. It hasn't fully hit me that I am PG. Strange I know. I just need to see or hear something to confirm it. I'm one of those that have to see it to believe it! I never was one to fall for anything! Our appointment is at 4:00. I just want to go to bed and for it to be time already!
Tomorrow is suppose to be the coldest day in years here in Florida. Hopefully that's good luck! I think the high is going to be 58, which is nothing for those northern girls but hey its damn cold down here!!
I am sick. I have the cough from hell. And the crud that is coming up is disgusting! I called my doctor and they said it would be fine to use the Vicks Vapor rub, plain old Robitussin (yes there are 20 different kinds) and use cough drops. I am waiting to use the Robitussin till before I go to bed. That's when the cough is the worst.
Update on my new friend in my classroom... the child is a mess! Mom came in for a conference today. She sugar coated everything and according to the Principal at the child's previous school mom is a complete bullshit artist! We didn't know this till after she left. He is bipolar, and ADHD. The old school that he went to said the family isn't consistent with his meds. Which makes me sad because he can't help his condition himself. Mom said he did not qualify for ESE, which was a lie b/c come to find out the test results aren't back yet. So long story short he is moving over to an ESE inclusion room. My best friends room! She knew I had nothing to do with it but still what a mess. My principal mentioned how she is scared to keep him in my room. Not sure if she was talking since I am PG or what. But he will be moving over there tomorrow. He told a little girl in my class he was going to knock her out today but besides that he was okay. I'm not going to complain that he is leaving at ALL! lol
Wish me luck tomorrow at my appointment!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week 7

Can't believe I am at the 7th week mark. Its probably going to change come Wednesday when I have my first u/s. I am getting excited and nervous at the same time about the u/s. I just hope everything shows up perfect. Its scary not knowing. I'm feeling better. I am actually eating breakfast these days! Before I would sit there forcing food down and feeling like it could possibly come back up! Eww I know! But I do hope that feeling does not come back.
We are leaving shortly to go visit our friends and tell them the news. I wonder if the girl from the doctors office (who is BFF with our friend's wife) didn't open her mouth. DH says he will be able to tell based on their reaction. Guess we will see soon enough
So I decided to add some pics of my prebaby body! lol :) I had a pooch to being with so that is what you are still seeing, plus some bloat! It said to do this on thebump so I thought ah what the heck!
My booty looks bigger then my pooch in the side view! Hope that the bump will eventually even it out! LOL!

Friday, January 16, 2009


I live for Fridays! It cracks me up when I am teaching the days of the week and my students say "Mrs. A Friday is your favorite day of the week!" haha. They know me so well! Speaking of my students... my new one is going to drain the life out of me the rest of the year. Today he started the day off fine. I picked them up from fine arts and it was like a whole different child. Not able to walk in a line, hitting his head on the poles in the hall way. We got back into the room and transition onto the carpet to listen to a read aloud. Nope... he wouldn't move. I counted to 5 (really loudly) letting him know I wasn't messing around, nope still wouldn't budge. So I let him sit there. I'm reading The Little Red Hen, and I start hearing hooting and howling noises. The rest of my class was freaking out! I ignored it because it was obvious he wanted negative attention for which I will NOT give him. I send the rest of the class back to their seats to do independent reading. He proceeds to tell another student "I'm gonna kill you" that was where I drew the line! I sent a note over to my friend on my first grade team and she buzzed the office to have him removed. I didn't want to draw attention to his behavior so I didn't buzz from my own room. WHAT the hell am I suppose to do with this child? This was his 3rd day in my room! Its like a tiny bomb. I don't know what to expect to happen next. I've had children like this in the past but not in a while! I've been spoiled this year with my sweeties! Ahhh, I knew it was too good to last!
Besides that, not too much new. We are picking up my SIL (Dh's sister) and her hubs from the airport late tonight. They knew we were TTC but don't know we are PG yet. She is totally expecting it though because when MIL told her we were picking her up she said, "Any news to share?" haha. Its been killing MIL lying to her all week! SIL is PG too. Her EDD is June 5th and mine at this point is Sept 5th. So they will be close in age. Nothing new with my sister. The one willing to carry the baby went to talk to an attorney. They told her it would be around $2000 for it all and from what she has heard that is good. So its still going to cost a ton of money on both ends. But so far I think its going to happen in the next 6-8 months! Its exciting for her!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lazy = ME

I don't want to do anything. Cook, clean, laundry, exercise, lesson plans, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, ANYTHING! All I want to do is lay around. Blah. I have to get out of the slump I am in! I have gone off track sooo much from my exercise routine. I am consistently catching up on lesson plans. I dread cooking. This is not normal! I feel like I am always tired. Maybe its the fact that I wake up 3x a night to pee. ::::SLAPS SELF IN FACE:::: okay I need to get a grip and realize thousands of women would kill to be in my shoes. My sister being one of them. So not fair for me to complain!
Nothing else much new. Trying to pry my ass off the couch to either 1)finish laundry 2) go exercise with a friend who feels I'm letting go of myself by doing nothing! She is so right! I'm getting up to do #2.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear New Student

You will not ruin the peaceful, loving classroom we have created since August! You can keep you gun talking, cursing little ass at home and not learn if you think you are going to come into my room and act like an animal. The end.
Yeah that's me venting about my new little friend. I had a training today so I wasn't in there but he decided to shoot rubber bands and tell the sub it was a gun and proceed to curse her out. He is the first kid sent out of my room this whole year and I wasn't even there! The principal called home and mom was in no way surprised. I ended up telling my principal about being PG (she didn't really have a reaction) in case litte tough guy thinks he is going to get physical with me but she thinks he shuts down when he misbehaves. So we will see. I have to lay down the LAW tomorrow so that should be fun!
Anyways, I am feeling pretty good today. Not sure if its because I knew I had to sit in a training all day and NOT have to do my job or if maybe things are turning around for me. Guess I'll find out tomorrow morning! I am still tired but thats nothing new! Getting excited about the first u/s. We go one week from today. I am praying everything looks great. I think my worrying will be less once I see it. We are going to Orlando on Saturday to tell our best friends. I saw her good friend at the doctor's office and I sware I'll be PIST if she opened her big mouth! They have no idea we started TTC so I hope they are super surprised.

Monday, January 12, 2009

We told my family last night!

My parents and my sister with her husband and their 1.5 year old came over to celebrate my birthday. It was late b/c my dad was out of town. So the time came for the cake. DH took the pacifier and put it in the middle of the cake surrounded by candles. I thought for sure it was going to catch on fire! My sister took the cake from him b/c he had the video camera in the other hand. She put it on the coffee table and in the middle of singing happy birthday she busted out with, "what's the deal with the paci in the cake?" and kept asking. haha
So I took my nephew who was with me the day I found out and said, "Oh maybe you should tell them how your going to be a cousin!" and they were like what?? My dad kept saying "My baby is having a baby!" It was funny! DH caught it on tape but it won't for the life of me load onto this thing which sucks! So all in all it was wonderful.
I finally got a hold of the nurse at my doctors office and she gave me my beta number 28,144. So I guess thats good!
My sister (the one with the fertility issues) sent me the nicest e-mail today wanting to know everything. I wasn't sure if I should have called her last night to tell her what happened but she reassured me she is okay and is excited for us and wants to hear it all. Love her! Besides that all is well. Just woke up from a nap. I feel like I could sleep a few more hours!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Telling the in-laws!

Was a trip! DH took them out to dinner while I went out to dinner with my friends from work for my birthday. He managed to get them to come in afterwards. They are sitting on the couch and DH pretended to mess with our video camera. I ran up stairs to get my MIL's "late Christmas" gift and hand it to her.
MIL: whats this?
Me: Oh, just a little something I ordered off the Internet. A late Christmas gift.
MIL: Ugh, you guys gave enough.
Me: Its just something small (as she was opening the box) Oh it was just a pacifier in a Ann Taylor box.
MIL: Awww. (laughing having no idea what it was for)
Me: Do you get it?
MIL: OMG are you? (with the funniest shocked face ever)
Me: yeah
MIL: (falling back into the couch) omg I knew it would be 2!
IT was the funniest shit ever. She had NO idea and her face made that so obvious! She went on to say that since SIL took so long to TTC, she knew that she would have 2 grand babies at once! We were able to get it on video but i have no idea how to do it yet so that will take some time!
Overall I was thrilled with how it went! Can't wait to tell the rest of my family tomorrow!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I love my sisters!

So I told my sister tonight. The one who has been trying to get PG for many, many years. She made it so easy. Here is how our conversation went.
Me: Hey
Sister: Hey, whats up?
Me: Having a hard time...
Sister: Why cause you're PG and can't tell me!
Me: Um, yeah. How did you know.
Sister: I was just talking to DH tonight about a friend of mine at work who STILL hasn't told me she is PG even though she is 5 months and showing. I'll be seeing her in N.Y. next week and another co-worker warned me.
Me: WHAT? Thats stupid.
Sister: And DH was just saying how that is how you're going to be once you get PG and your going to have a really hard time telling me too!
Me: Well its not easy to do considering everything you have been though but I'm not 5 freaking months! I'm just out of 5 weeks!
Sister: OMG does Mom know?
Me: Nope

And so on and so on! She is AWESOME! She is happy for me but I know its still so difficult for her. I hope she doesn't take it too hard once she is alone. :(
I hurt so badly for her and want it SO terrible for her soon. She is still considering my sister carrying a baby for her but they are going to wait a little while. They need to catch up on some bills. I am so grateful for amazing sisters and love them SO much!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

SO cute!

Isn't this the cutest quilt you've ever seen? My ever so talented Bee made it for me! She is the best! Thanks girl!

So I haven't been feeling so hot...
I'm not sure if its m/s or just me being a worry wort?! The last few mornings I have been really anxious for some reason. I feel like butterflies in my gut and have no appetite at all. I think I need to start eating more tiny meals. It might be my raging hormones! **TMI warning** and my potty habits haven't been the same. Its either a no go or a slow go! I hope it all goes away soon!
I had my first appointment yesterday. It was quick. He did an internal exam to see the size and shape of my UT and then took blood. Talked to me about testing for downs and I was outta there! I did see a girl I know and I slipped up and freaking told her! damn it! So we might possibly tell our families and close friends this weekend. No idea yet! I am waiting for the results of my b/w. I have an appointment for an u/s on Jan 21st and then my first OB appointment on Feb 4th. But thats about it! Off to go exercise! Ugh!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Getting ready to go out to dinner with DH!

Nothing much else new. I think my hormones were kicked up this morning. I started doing too much thinking and freaked out about having to get ready for work with a baby. I woke DH up early and asked if he was going to help me with it all. He told me how things were going to have to change and we would work it all out. As far as our routine in the mornings! LOL I am a dork!

Jessie~~ THANKS so much for my BFP card! I got it a while ago but was waiting to tell you via GP but I haven't seen you on! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009


I am worn out! Having a really hard time getting back into the routine. I came home and took a nap. Bee said its because I've been on vaca and not working. Besides that still peeing a bunch. I did knotice tonight that some things don't taste the same. I usually dip everything in ranch dressing. Tonight I did and about threw up! Besides that all is well.

Update about my sister. M- is the one who has had 4 IVF transfers & E is the one who is going to possibly be carrying a baby for M. So I talked to E today and she told me how she thinks its a go for the whole deal. She said that M's DH is okay with it and now its just of matter of figuring out the $$ situation. Pretty sure my parents are going to be helping them. So I am super excited she is even considering it. I just can't picture going through life with M NOT having a baby.
E was telling me how she was really point blank with M about it all. She said something like "lets get it going!" lol

Tomorrow is my birthday! 27... getting old! DH is taking me out to dinner and then my in-laws are going to come over for cake. DH wants to tell his family tomorrow about being PG... me not so much. Again 1) its SO early and 2) I'm in no rush to tell M considering she just found out she'll never carry a baby. So its not going to happen! Sorry DH! Is that wrong of me?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Reality! boo (long post)

I just got home from my trip yesterday. I had a great time! Seeing my sister and the kids was wonderful. They are all growing up so fast. I did a lot of relaxing up there. Laying by the fire place since most of the time I was freezing!
I ended up telling her about being PG. She got all watery eyed and her hubs kept saying "wow"! haha! He has known me since I was 15!

I have a sad update about my other sister who had the IVF. It didn't end up working. I didn't realize it was # 4 not # 3 for her. Its just so not fair. She is a mess. She feels like she has wasted so much time in her 20s. She was previously married and it resulted in divorce after about a year. She was totally in love with him and thought that he would change. But he didn't. I don't know if she ever fully got over that hurt. She and her DH are in so much debit and have nothing to show for it. She will have monthly reminders every time she pays the bills. My other sister (the one I just went to visit) has told her she would be willing to carry a baby for her. But she thinks that it will be too costly but its still up in the air. So I hope something comes out of that!

I still haven't told anyone but the one sister I went to visit. We are going to try to wait till the end of January. One, its still early and two I couldn't bare telling my sister who is going through so much right now. Even though I know she would be happy for me. I have my pregnancy confirmation appointment on Wednesday January 7th. I'm going to call and ask them what I can expect and if DH should come too. I pee'd on a stick today and the test line came up fast and was really dark. That made me feel better b/c before I left it was very faint. I am still feeling good. I burp up about everything I eat. And pee more often but that's about it.

We are going to SIL house tonight and I have a feeling she is going to tell us the sex of their baby. Super curious!!

Please keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers!