Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear New Student

You will not ruin the peaceful, loving classroom we have created since August! You can keep you gun talking, cursing little ass at home and not learn if you think you are going to come into my room and act like an animal. The end.
Yeah that's me venting about my new little friend. I had a training today so I wasn't in there but he decided to shoot rubber bands and tell the sub it was a gun and proceed to curse her out. He is the first kid sent out of my room this whole year and I wasn't even there! The principal called home and mom was in no way surprised. I ended up telling my principal about being PG (she didn't really have a reaction) in case litte tough guy thinks he is going to get physical with me but she thinks he shuts down when he misbehaves. So we will see. I have to lay down the LAW tomorrow so that should be fun!
Anyways, I am feeling pretty good today. Not sure if its because I knew I had to sit in a training all day and NOT have to do my job or if maybe things are turning around for me. Guess I'll find out tomorrow morning! I am still tired but thats nothing new! Getting excited about the first u/s. We go one week from today. I am praying everything looks great. I think my worrying will be less once I see it. We are going to Orlando on Saturday to tell our best friends. I saw her good friend at the doctor's office and I sware I'll be PIST if she opened her big mouth! They have no idea we started TTC so I hope they are super surprised.

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