Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lazy = ME

I don't want to do anything. Cook, clean, laundry, exercise, lesson plans, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, ANYTHING! All I want to do is lay around. Blah. I have to get out of the slump I am in! I have gone off track sooo much from my exercise routine. I am consistently catching up on lesson plans. I dread cooking. This is not normal! I feel like I am always tired. Maybe its the fact that I wake up 3x a night to pee. ::::SLAPS SELF IN FACE:::: okay I need to get a grip and realize thousands of women would kill to be in my shoes. My sister being one of them. So not fair for me to complain!
Nothing else much new. Trying to pry my ass off the couch to either 1)finish laundry 2) go exercise with a friend who feels I'm letting go of myself by doing nothing! She is so right! I'm getting up to do #2.


Leannabanna said...

Join the club, Pink...Its totally normal to feel wiped out, its a lot of work building a person from scratch!

Rsgrl said...

I hear ya! I'm just now starting to exercise again because I've got some energy (and motivation) back. And, because my ass is growing faster than any baby bump!