Thursday, January 8, 2009

SO cute!

Isn't this the cutest quilt you've ever seen? My ever so talented Bee made it for me! She is the best! Thanks girl!

So I haven't been feeling so hot...
I'm not sure if its m/s or just me being a worry wort?! The last few mornings I have been really anxious for some reason. I feel like butterflies in my gut and have no appetite at all. I think I need to start eating more tiny meals. It might be my raging hormones! **TMI warning** and my potty habits haven't been the same. Its either a no go or a slow go! I hope it all goes away soon!
I had my first appointment yesterday. It was quick. He did an internal exam to see the size and shape of my UT and then took blood. Talked to me about testing for downs and I was outta there! I did see a girl I know and I slipped up and freaking told her! damn it! So we might possibly tell our families and close friends this weekend. No idea yet! I am waiting for the results of my b/w. I have an appointment for an u/s on Jan 21st and then my first OB appointment on Feb 4th. But thats about it! Off to go exercise! Ugh!


Leannabanna said...

Saltines will be the best ever.... to keep the nasuea away, as well as the small meals. Also, I think worrying comes with with territory at least for me it was. Hang in there, everything does get better :)

Bee said...

Small, frequent meals were a lifesaver for me when m/s hit. I highly recommend it.

And you're welcome for the quilt. :)