Saturday, January 10, 2009

Telling the in-laws!

Was a trip! DH took them out to dinner while I went out to dinner with my friends from work for my birthday. He managed to get them to come in afterwards. They are sitting on the couch and DH pretended to mess with our video camera. I ran up stairs to get my MIL's "late Christmas" gift and hand it to her.
MIL: whats this?
Me: Oh, just a little something I ordered off the Internet. A late Christmas gift.
MIL: Ugh, you guys gave enough.
Me: Its just something small (as she was opening the box) Oh it was just a pacifier in a Ann Taylor box.
MIL: Awww. (laughing having no idea what it was for)
Me: Do you get it?
MIL: OMG are you? (with the funniest shocked face ever)
Me: yeah
MIL: (falling back into the couch) omg I knew it would be 2!
IT was the funniest shit ever. She had NO idea and her face made that so obvious! She went on to say that since SIL took so long to TTC, she knew that she would have 2 grand babies at once! We were able to get it on video but i have no idea how to do it yet so that will take some time!
Overall I was thrilled with how it went! Can't wait to tell the rest of my family tomorrow!


Leannabanna said...

Haha.... Good luck telling everyone else!

TennisWife815 said...

Love those parents. My MIL also said, "OMG are you?" All I wanted to say to her was, "No. I just thought we'd give you a baby frame with a note that said, 'Dear Grandma and Grandpa' as a cruel joke."