Monday, January 5, 2009


I am worn out! Having a really hard time getting back into the routine. I came home and took a nap. Bee said its because I've been on vaca and not working. Besides that still peeing a bunch. I did knotice tonight that some things don't taste the same. I usually dip everything in ranch dressing. Tonight I did and about threw up! Besides that all is well.

Update about my sister. M- is the one who has had 4 IVF transfers & E is the one who is going to possibly be carrying a baby for M. So I talked to E today and she told me how she thinks its a go for the whole deal. She said that M's DH is okay with it and now its just of matter of figuring out the $$ situation. Pretty sure my parents are going to be helping them. So I am super excited she is even considering it. I just can't picture going through life with M NOT having a baby.
E was telling me how she was really point blank with M about it all. She said something like "lets get it going!" lol

Tomorrow is my birthday! 27... getting old! DH is taking me out to dinner and then my in-laws are going to come over for cake. DH wants to tell his family tomorrow about being PG... me not so much. Again 1) its SO early and 2) I'm in no rush to tell M considering she just found out she'll never carry a baby. So its not going to happen! Sorry DH! Is that wrong of me?

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mtendere said...

Happy Birthday! It's so great that your sister is willing to do that. I hope that it works out for everyone. Have fun celebrating!