Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Decision... MADE!

Love HER!!!!!! And lovin being home on spring break!!

So after lots of tears and talking we decided that it would be in the best interest for our family that K take the position at the sheriffs office.

I am excited for him and nervous for myself! He needs to get out of where he is at now. And this job offers great opportunities. Benefits, pension, VACATION time (he hasn't had one in years)!

I am nervous for myself because of the unknown. We have no idea what shift he'll end up with. It could be the midnight to 8am which would totally suck! That would mean I'd have to sleep alone- I don't deal well with that! That would mean I would now have to start dropping Lillian off in the mornings at my moms. Which is alright but I'd be getting up super early, having to get ready alone with her at the same time... not sounding great to me! Yikes! Manageable of course but a PITA too! I just see that shift = more on my back!

Another ugh part is holidays. Depending on what shift he ends up with depends on if he'll get any holidays off at all. Boo to not knowing yet! I am so impatient!

As for my decision on moving schools. It's not possible. For the simple fact of (again) the unknown. I couldn't possibly wake up, get myself and a baby put together, fed and out the door, drive north 20 minutes to turn around and drive south 40 minutes ALL before 7:30 am!! I'd be waking up at freaking 4am. Which is not doable at all for me! So thats on hold. Which is perfectly fine. I wasn't thrilled with the whole idea to begin with.

So we'll see what happens! I'll be praying every night that K ends up with a day shift!!!!!!!!!! lol

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh Life...

Why are you throwing so many decisions at us right now?!

Both Kevin and I are going to (sooner or later) have to make a choice on our jobs. My situation is this...

I have a really great opportunity to move to a much nicer school then where I am at now. Where I am at now is a mess. Admin is nice. I get along great with both the Principal and AP. Love everyone I work with for the most part. The kids/parents are rough. The kids have very unstable living environments. They get pulled in and out of schools all year long. And they are very low in every aspect of life. Some friends at school say "I wouldn't want to deal with parents at an affluent school." others say "Do you really want to go down with this sinking ship?!" I think my one friend is scared to move hence why she has nothing positive to say about me looking into moving.

This all came up from going out a few weekends ago while my sisters were in town. A friend of ours works at this new school. She is the intervention specialist there and works closely with that principal. She couldn't believe I was still teaching where I am at and mentioned that there would be openings at her school. Which totally got me thinking. Now she is working on getting me in. Its a bit far considering where I am at now is a whole 10 min from my house. Its about 30 min away.

One friend of mine who use to work with me but transferred said "Take the transfer and don't look back!" So I am kinda reminding myself of that when I get scared about moving. The next step is to let my principal in on it all. I hope she isn't upset about me considering a move. Not sure yet when/how to tell her.

Now DH might be changing careers all together. He currently is in construction. And is looking into becoming a corrections officer. He took his polygraph test and passed this morning. Is it wrong that I was hoping he'd fail for my own personal reasons? This job change would mean he would start working nights, weekends and holidays. We've had it good where he is at now. He was scared for a bit that where he is at now might not last due to the economy. Hence why he was looking for something else.

I am trying REALLY hard to be supportive. But honestly can't imagine him not around at night or on weekends. I can deal with the holidays. I have a hard enough time sleeping alone when he goes out with the guys at night. Ahhhh, I hope this change is for the better and I don't end up miserable.

Not sure why but I feel like this is going to add a ton onto my plate. I have no idea how its going to work with dropping off and picking up Lillian. Right now it works out great. He drops her off in the morning and I pick her up in the afternoons... how does that work when he works nights? When would we freaking see each other?!

I have to calm down. He wants this so badly. I need to try to find the positive in it! :::looks around:::

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear March... where did you go?!

Seriously... can't believe March is almost over! Super tired so I just wanted to post some pictures. Big girl is sitting all alone!!

Her first time at the beach... it was kinda chilly hence the pants and hoodie! Aunt Shell put her toes in the sand. She loved it!

Her baptism dress that my MIL made out of my wedding dress. The baptism went great. Except her sock fell in the holy water!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I've been a BAD blogger!

::slaps hand::

Life is busy, busy these days! Trying to plan Lillian's baptism which is this weekend. My sisters are in town. So much going on. I will try to be a better blogger once things calm down!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mom, I love you but...

you are driving me nuts!

For those who still read this and don't already know my mom watches Lillian while I am at work. I LOVE it. I've never worried about her being taken care of. Its such a peaceful feeling to know that she isn't sitting in a crib crying, in a dirty diaper, or starving!
But I'm human. And I get short fused once in awhile! It just seems like every single day my mom has an issue. It's either one of the following or many....

1. Lillian won't sleep. She is fighting her nap. She keeps crying and won't fall to sleep.
2. She didn't want to eat her bottle. I dunno what's going on?!
3. She didn't want her cereal and fruit. Not sure what's the matter?!
4. It was a "hold me" day today. I couldn't put her down.
5. As soon as I walk away she fusses... I think she wants me to entertain her.

Does anyone see what I am seeing?! lol

My mom is creating a spoiled monster!!!!! She won't let Lillian cry for more then 5 minutes. She is 6 months old and playing the system big time! My dad calls my mom out all the time when I go to pick her up. It's the funniest shit ever. My dad says "It wasn't a hold me day... it was a Rara (thats what we call my mom instead of Gma) won't let me cry day!"
I really really really appreciate having my mom. I wouldn't change it for the world. I just wish she would get Lillian on some what of a daytime routine. It's just hard to hear it. I don't scream or let her see my frustrations. I just vent them on here! haha

We have no issues on the weekends. Hopefully they can figure each other out sooner or later! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6 Months OLD!

Lilly's first pigtails!! I am obsessed with doing things to her hair now! Gonna try a side ponytail next! lol

I cannnn not believe she is effing 6 months old! Where has time gone?! I love her to pieces. Lilly is the best little baby! We went to a golf tournament on Sat. Tons of people, loud music and everything... and what does she do? Falls sound asleep! She laughs at just about anything I do. She is very personable and hasn't had that clingy mom fit yet. Hope she doesn't have that too. I want her to be able to play and let other people hold her and not get upset.
Today I brought her to school for the first time. She went right to everyone and was smiling the entire time!
SLEEP. Oh dear Mr.Sleepy time! My little love bundle still wakes up various times at night. Last night I woke her up at 10pm to eat. She ate 7oz. Then woke up A.G.A.I.N at 4:30am.... and ate 7oz. She was kinda on a funky schedule yesterday.
We upped her solids to 2 times a day. HOping it makes a difference. It's hard to keep up with it all especially when were out and not home.
As for myself... still working on the whole loosing weight part. I went strong walking almost everyday for 2 weeks. Last week.... not so much! I had doctors appointments just about every afternoon. Wed- my doc for back pain still after delivering Lilly. He thinks its muscle spasms. Went for an x-ray and he gave me some pain killers and anti-inflammatory. Not filling the pain killers. Hate how loopy they make me feel! Thurs- Lillys 6 month check up. She weighs 17lbs 2 oz. And is right on track with everything! Fri- dermatologist app. DH thought I had some suspicious spots on my back. But nope everything is fine!
As for school. Oh boy. Lots of drama in the upper grades. A student in 4-5 told the media teacher he was going to cut her throat. Then a 5th grade teacher lost it and started crying in front of her kids because they were being so disrespectful. A 4th grade teacher was being accused of hitting a female student out at the bus loop in front of everyone... um hello if your gonna lie then at least say it wasn't done in front of the entire staff! What a mess. We've had CTA meetings about discipline issues. Parents threatening teachers saying "Don't you know we all have weapons on us? In our cars, purses and pockets?!" Whoa. Its not good! Curious how things pan out. Certain teachers are determined to get administration out of there. They are nice people but aren't hard enough on discipline. Parents are running the show!
Ahhh another day in the neighborhood! lol :)