Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh Life...

Why are you throwing so many decisions at us right now?!

Both Kevin and I are going to (sooner or later) have to make a choice on our jobs. My situation is this...

I have a really great opportunity to move to a much nicer school then where I am at now. Where I am at now is a mess. Admin is nice. I get along great with both the Principal and AP. Love everyone I work with for the most part. The kids/parents are rough. The kids have very unstable living environments. They get pulled in and out of schools all year long. And they are very low in every aspect of life. Some friends at school say "I wouldn't want to deal with parents at an affluent school." others say "Do you really want to go down with this sinking ship?!" I think my one friend is scared to move hence why she has nothing positive to say about me looking into moving.

This all came up from going out a few weekends ago while my sisters were in town. A friend of ours works at this new school. She is the intervention specialist there and works closely with that principal. She couldn't believe I was still teaching where I am at and mentioned that there would be openings at her school. Which totally got me thinking. Now she is working on getting me in. Its a bit far considering where I am at now is a whole 10 min from my house. Its about 30 min away.

One friend of mine who use to work with me but transferred said "Take the transfer and don't look back!" So I am kinda reminding myself of that when I get scared about moving. The next step is to let my principal in on it all. I hope she isn't upset about me considering a move. Not sure yet when/how to tell her.

Now DH might be changing careers all together. He currently is in construction. And is looking into becoming a corrections officer. He took his polygraph test and passed this morning. Is it wrong that I was hoping he'd fail for my own personal reasons? This job change would mean he would start working nights, weekends and holidays. We've had it good where he is at now. He was scared for a bit that where he is at now might not last due to the economy. Hence why he was looking for something else.

I am trying REALLY hard to be supportive. But honestly can't imagine him not around at night or on weekends. I can deal with the holidays. I have a hard enough time sleeping alone when he goes out with the guys at night. Ahhhh, I hope this change is for the better and I don't end up miserable.

Not sure why but I feel like this is going to add a ton onto my plate. I have no idea how its going to work with dropping off and picking up Lillian. Right now it works out great. He drops her off in the morning and I pick her up in the afternoons... how does that work when he works nights? When would we freaking see each other?!

I have to calm down. He wants this so badly. I need to try to find the positive in it! :::looks around:::

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