Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Names... Oh my!

So I am bored and thought why not start thinking about baby names. It isn't as easy as I thought it would be. DH isn't making it any easier! The names I like... he isn't so hot on. I was originally going to wait till our BIG u/s but I figure get a jump start.
I am on spring break right now. No big plans. Kinda bored. This summer being pregnant and NOT working is going to be interesting. I usually work every summer right up until I go back to school. I'm going to have to find a cheap hobby! Just got done coping the 5,000 pictures we have saved on our computer onto CD's. I've been putting it off for a while. I am surrounded by clean folded clothes and dreading putting them away!
**Update** After being a lazy bum all afternoon. I've compiled a list of names for DH to vote on. Not sure what the outcome will be! There is the massive 1st list! lol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

16 week pic

Here is my 16 week picture. One of these days I need to take one while DH is home. I tried my hardest to make sure my back was straight and not "pushing out" b/c he accused me of RUSHING to get a belly. What? Sorry no choice anymore my dear! This was the best shot I got!
Nothing much new. Waiting patiently to feel the baby move. I've felt bubbles but its not consistent so I always blame it on gas. A few nights when I'd get into bed I could feel like a lump on one side of my lower stomach. Strange!
I had my first baby dream last night. I was breastfeeding, it was a boy. But the odd part was I left the hospital early, had no idea how much the baby weighed and didn't name it yet. We had to go back to the hospital. I think this dream stemmed from my mother telling me I need to tug on my nipples to get them ready for breastfeeding! lol she said that's what they use to do back in the day! I was like WHAT?! Speaking of nipples... DH is amazed how they have changed. They look like nipples on a bottle! Can't wait to see what else changes!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting sick & lower back pain

So I started feeling sick Friday night. I can tell right away when a cold is coming on. My throat was sore when I yawned and I sneezed all day. Saturday my nose wouldn't stop running. Today I slept in WAY too long and haven't done a thing and it's now noon. I hate being sick!
I also have REALLY bad lower back pain. The funny thing that makes me laugh is its all on my left side. Every time I go to the doctor and they try to find a heartbeat or find the baby on the u/s its always on the left side... so it's apparent that baby/uterus is causing this pain on my lower left back!
My family is in town till Tuesday. They went to visit with an aunt & uncle down south today that I don't speak to anymore. Long story short, they took out their issues with my parents on me & my wedding day and I'm still bitter. They refused to come unless my mom called them to apologize for something my mom didn't do or have control of. I told her NOT to call them. My wedding day had nothing to do with that situation. They ended up not coming at all. These are my god parents that I grew up with. And they couldn't get past one stupid situation for one day for me! So I am still pist. My two older sisters still talk to them which is fine. My parents, my sister that lives here and I choose not to! So I have the day to do lesson plans, clean and go by a new camera with DH.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"You're showing ALREADY..."

Yeah that is what MIL says to me tonight. WTF. I know she meant NOTHING at all by it but I am PG and being sensitive! She then asked me how many months I was and I tell her I will be 16 weeks on Saturday... FIL adds that I am 3 months & so many weeks. Okay great. My pregnancy book says I am in my 4th month... but after looking it up on google I realized there are two different ways to calculate it. Calendar months & lunar months! Either way it doesn't really matter. I am just venting and ultra sensitive! lol Oh and super tired b/c my family in town = lack of sleep!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Love

My family is all in town. My sister from Minnesota with her 4 kids and my sister from N.Carolina. Then there is my sister who already lives here with her 2 year old. I've been super busy since they got here on Wednesday. When they are in town I spend lots of time at my parent house. Yesterday we went to the beach. It was beautiful out. I never go when they aren't here b/c its boring to go alone! Then last night I was the DD... oh boy! I didn't get home till almost 3a.m. And so today everyone is being lazy out at my parents house and sleeping. I grabbed my 12 year old niece and brought her to my house so she could get away from her younger siblings. They are 9, 7, and 3 and can be royal pains in the rear! But we love them! What a lazy day!
I am putting off doing lesson plans and so don't care! I can't wait for Spring Break! It couldn't come fast enough.
Nothing new pregnancy wise. DH pissed me off yesterday. He was looking at my belly pictures on the computer and says he thinks I am rushing to get a bump! Um, its there... what would you like me to do about it. Not to mention I had a gut to begin with. He is a freak! I made it clear that he pissed me off! Sorry I am not a TWIG like his sister. She didn't start showing till 19-20 weeks. He then says to me "How come you don't invite SIL out with you?" My response was "Well... let's see, when was the last time SIL invited me to do shit?!" Yeah, he didn't have a word to say about that b/c he knows she NEVER calls me to do anything! Ugh. Okay I am done venting! lol

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

14 week pics & spotting scare

Here is me at 14weeks 3days!
About the spotting scare. We went on a field trip today and will be going the next 2 days. I was on my feet basically all day. And during a regular day of school I'm usually up and down never standing for too long. I came home and saw some red CM on my under ware. I called my mom and she said to be safe just call. It wasn't alot and I didn't see any when wiping. I called explained to them what happened. She asked me to come in. So I get there and they were super nice. The doctor looked at my cervix and said I have a "Tri-something" cervix meaning its really sensitive. She said that's where the bleeding was coming from. She said if she would have touched it right then with a q-tip it probably would have started bleeding. I knew that my cervix was sensitive from past issues (bleeding after sex before I was PG). She asked if we had sex recently and I said, sad to say for DH but nope! So she listened for the heart beat. Found it and at one point it got fuzzy and she told me that noise was the baby moving. So everything is okay. Which was a relief! They had me in and out in like 25-30 minutes! I was happy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Am I a Bitch for being honest?

So I just got off the phone with my newly PG sister (see post below). And I am a little annoyed with her. She doesn't see where I am coming from. She doesn't see how she calls me every week and bitches and complains about money and her house and living in the expensive ass county that we live in and her husbands job sucks ass. She was scared about finding out she was PG and kept telling me she was going to freak out if she was. Oh well now she is fine with being PG and I need to worry about myself... but its fine if I worry about her when she calls bitching previously to finding out she is PG. Uh no, Sorry!
She thinks I am worried about materialistic stuff. All the things she brought over for me to use/barrow. I could careless. I sure in hell don't want to hear ONE complaint come out of her mouth. I am totally venting here. Its just a lot to take in. She is annoyed with me now and how I reacted. I told her that if things were so rough with $ why wasn't she 1)on BC or 2) wrapping shit up before having sex?! Obviously it's not that big of a issue for them.
I'm scared for how my mom is going to react. The poor lady does A TON for them. And she is so stressed for them b/c of all the bitching my sister does to her. Mom tells me sometimes she stays up at night just worrying and thinking about all of us (me & my 3 sisters). She specifically stresses about the newly PG sister that lives here and the one who has been trying to get PG for the last 5 years who lives in NC and is in $80,000 in debit from TTC. Oh man! It's gonna be hard to not say a word to anyone with EVERYONE being in town the next few weeks. Okay... I am done! AHHH!

My sister is KTFU!

Yep, that's right! And it's not the one with all the ivf issues. This is the one who lives here and has the 2 year old. So I freaked out for a hour about it all. I love my sister to death but she is very dramatic. She calls me at least 3x a week to tell me how poor they are and they can't pay this bill or that bill. And I am sure it sucks but obviously if they aren't wrapping it up and being careful since she isn't on BC, it ain't all that bad!
I tried calling her back but she won't answer now... maybe I was a little too up front (honest)! Maybe I am being a bit selfish. Thats normal right? My mom was planning on taking care of our baby once its here and I go back to work. She already takes care of my sisters 2 year old. She can't do all 3. I mentioned it to my sister. She said she she had her turn already, for me not to worry about it, and that it would all work out! I think I was freaking out more so then her! lol

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stuck in a rut!

I'm feeling sorry for myself. And I have no idea why! Thanks hormones! I feel like I am stuck in a rut. I need something to happen. I am still at that fat looking stage and not looking really PG at at all. I was up last night because my stomach was tore up. Sitting on the toilet at 2am isn't fun! Maybe that's it, I am tired! I am really eager to find out the sex so that I can start looking at furniture, bedding, and just names would be nice! Blah. Okay, please excuse my bitching! I think like that then I take 2 steps back and remind myself how blessed I AM. "Um, hello whiny biotch... your sister would kill to be in your shoes and so would tons of other women!" and that's what I say to myself! Alright. I'm better now! Back to cleaning!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday G Man!

Today is my nephew's 2nd birthday. He is so freaking cute and is trying to talk a lot. I called my mom today (she takes care of him) and he got on the phone. I yelled "Happy Birthday!" he said "Berfday!" He calls my husband Cah-Cah (he can't say Kevin) and the whole family dies when he says it! It sounds so funny! We are going over there tonight for his birthday dinner. He makes me smile even when he acts like a pain in the ass!
Nothing else much new. My two sisters who don't live here are all coming into town next week. I can't wait! We are having girls night out next weekend and I'll be the DD! They are already planning my shower. One called me last night wanting an okay on the weekend. Sometime in July.
Still feeling good pregnancy wise. Sometimes I feel tired but its not as bad as a few weeks ago. My mom is coming with us to the BIG u/s. I can't wait... it couldn't come fast enough. I started really looking at names last night. I think once we know the sex then the planning/ fun stuff can start! Yay! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We have a date!

For our BIG u/s! The weeks better fly by! April 9th at 4:00. I can't freaking wait!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

13 weeks

I took this picture yesterday before the bridal shower. Sometimes I feel like I am starting to show but it depends what I am wearing. The pants in this picture are loose so they weren't holding it in for me! lol
Some other clothes I wear sometimes hide it. Besides that nothing much new. Still feeling great.
I have to sit here all day and catch up and fill in days for my lesson plans. We all have to turn them in to the AP tomorrow! Its such bullshit!