Wednesday, March 25, 2009

16 week pic

Here is my 16 week picture. One of these days I need to take one while DH is home. I tried my hardest to make sure my back was straight and not "pushing out" b/c he accused me of RUSHING to get a belly. What? Sorry no choice anymore my dear! This was the best shot I got!
Nothing much new. Waiting patiently to feel the baby move. I've felt bubbles but its not consistent so I always blame it on gas. A few nights when I'd get into bed I could feel like a lump on one side of my lower stomach. Strange!
I had my first baby dream last night. I was breastfeeding, it was a boy. But the odd part was I left the hospital early, had no idea how much the baby weighed and didn't name it yet. We had to go back to the hospital. I think this dream stemmed from my mother telling me I need to tug on my nipples to get them ready for breastfeeding! lol she said that's what they use to do back in the day! I was like WHAT?! Speaking of nipples... DH is amazed how they have changed. They look like nipples on a bottle! Can't wait to see what else changes!


Becky said...

Your husband's silly, i'm sorry but you have a baby belly, no doubt about it! I think i saw mine before my husband did too, we know our bodies!!!

*Mandy* said...

haha I am laughing at your husband right now. Your belly is looking cute!!