Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting sick & lower back pain

So I started feeling sick Friday night. I can tell right away when a cold is coming on. My throat was sore when I yawned and I sneezed all day. Saturday my nose wouldn't stop running. Today I slept in WAY too long and haven't done a thing and it's now noon. I hate being sick!
I also have REALLY bad lower back pain. The funny thing that makes me laugh is its all on my left side. Every time I go to the doctor and they try to find a heartbeat or find the baby on the u/s its always on the left side... so it's apparent that baby/uterus is causing this pain on my lower left back!
My family is in town till Tuesday. They went to visit with an aunt & uncle down south today that I don't speak to anymore. Long story short, they took out their issues with my parents on me & my wedding day and I'm still bitter. They refused to come unless my mom called them to apologize for something my mom didn't do or have control of. I told her NOT to call them. My wedding day had nothing to do with that situation. They ended up not coming at all. These are my god parents that I grew up with. And they couldn't get past one stupid situation for one day for me! So I am still pist. My two older sisters still talk to them which is fine. My parents, my sister that lives here and I choose not to! So I have the day to do lesson plans, clean and go by a new camera with DH.

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Eclipsed said...

I feel you on the lower back pain...and it's funny because mine is always on the right side.