Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Love

My family is all in town. My sister from Minnesota with her 4 kids and my sister from N.Carolina. Then there is my sister who already lives here with her 2 year old. I've been super busy since they got here on Wednesday. When they are in town I spend lots of time at my parent house. Yesterday we went to the beach. It was beautiful out. I never go when they aren't here b/c its boring to go alone! Then last night I was the DD... oh boy! I didn't get home till almost 3a.m. And so today everyone is being lazy out at my parents house and sleeping. I grabbed my 12 year old niece and brought her to my house so she could get away from her younger siblings. They are 9, 7, and 3 and can be royal pains in the rear! But we love them! What a lazy day!
I am putting off doing lesson plans and so don't care! I can't wait for Spring Break! It couldn't come fast enough.
Nothing new pregnancy wise. DH pissed me off yesterday. He was looking at my belly pictures on the computer and says he thinks I am rushing to get a bump! Um, its there... what would you like me to do about it. Not to mention I had a gut to begin with. He is a freak! I made it clear that he pissed me off! Sorry I am not a TWIG like his sister. She didn't start showing till 19-20 weeks. He then says to me "How come you don't invite SIL out with you?" My response was "Well... let's see, when was the last time SIL invited me to do shit?!" Yeah, he didn't have a word to say about that b/c he knows she NEVER calls me to do anything! Ugh. Okay I am done venting! lol

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