Monday, March 9, 2009

Am I a Bitch for being honest?

So I just got off the phone with my newly PG sister (see post below). And I am a little annoyed with her. She doesn't see where I am coming from. She doesn't see how she calls me every week and bitches and complains about money and her house and living in the expensive ass county that we live in and her husbands job sucks ass. She was scared about finding out she was PG and kept telling me she was going to freak out if she was. Oh well now she is fine with being PG and I need to worry about myself... but its fine if I worry about her when she calls bitching previously to finding out she is PG. Uh no, Sorry!
She thinks I am worried about materialistic stuff. All the things she brought over for me to use/barrow. I could careless. I sure in hell don't want to hear ONE complaint come out of her mouth. I am totally venting here. Its just a lot to take in. She is annoyed with me now and how I reacted. I told her that if things were so rough with $ why wasn't she 1)on BC or 2) wrapping shit up before having sex?! Obviously it's not that big of a issue for them.
I'm scared for how my mom is going to react. The poor lady does A TON for them. And she is so stressed for them b/c of all the bitching my sister does to her. Mom tells me sometimes she stays up at night just worrying and thinking about all of us (me & my 3 sisters). She specifically stresses about the newly PG sister that lives here and the one who has been trying to get PG for the last 5 years who lives in NC and is in $80,000 in debit from TTC. Oh man! It's gonna be hard to not say a word to anyone with EVERYONE being in town the next few weeks. Okay... I am done! AHHH!

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mtendere said...

Hopefully, after everyone has some time to process it all, it will be easier for you to talk about things. I'm sorry it's causing so much drama now! I thought it was your sister having problems TTC at first - that would have been totally awesome!