Tuesday, March 10, 2009

14 week pics & spotting scare

Here is me at 14weeks 3days!
About the spotting scare. We went on a field trip today and will be going the next 2 days. I was on my feet basically all day. And during a regular day of school I'm usually up and down never standing for too long. I came home and saw some red CM on my under ware. I called my mom and she said to be safe just call. It wasn't alot and I didn't see any when wiping. I called explained to them what happened. She asked me to come in. So I get there and they were super nice. The doctor looked at my cervix and said I have a "Tri-something" cervix meaning its really sensitive. She said that's where the bleeding was coming from. She said if she would have touched it right then with a q-tip it probably would have started bleeding. I knew that my cervix was sensitive from past issues (bleeding after sex before I was PG). She asked if we had sex recently and I said, sad to say for DH but nope! So she listened for the heart beat. Found it and at one point it got fuzzy and she told me that noise was the baby moving. So everything is okay. Which was a relief! They had me in and out in like 25-30 minutes! I was happy!


Becky said...

Wow what a scare, i'm glad everything is ok, i would of gone to the doctors office too!

mtendere said...

I'm so glad everything is fine! I'm sure it was quite a scare.

lady gray said...

i am glad you got into the doc and everything is a-okay, spink!