Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another 2 pounds gone...

Although this "holiday" weekend looks like I might have gained it back. Friends were in town and I kinda lost all control. Back on track tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm not on a DIET!!!!!!!!

Holy food police! I can't stand how once you tell someone you are doing WW they automatically think it's their job to ask you, "Can you eat this?" "should you have that?" "Are you allowed...." "How many points is that?"

Or those people who want to know how it is going. Don't ask. It's not fun. Hell yeah I'd rather be eating a cheese steak sandwich with fries rather then this salad!

All the times I've done WW in the past the comments never really bothered me. This time, I am about to blow! Maybe because my head is totally in it. And I've realized it's not something I plan on only doing for a short amount of time. I'm in it for the long haul. And I am not only doing it for myself. It's for my husband and Lillian.

At work I had 2 coworkers who's husband's had heart attacks within a week of each other. Neither were over weight by any means. But their horrible eating habits probably caught up to them. Clogged arteries. And both are in their early 50's. That's too young for that to be going on!

Boy that felt good to vent! Now I'll be able to get through tomorrows comments!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back at Weight Watchers

Last week was great. I lost 2.2 lbs. I am kinda scared what this week is going to bring. I haven't been tracking all that well. We went out to dinner Saturday night and I think I had one too many fries.

So now I sit here watching Biggest Loser. Wow these people lost so much effing weight. How dare I complain about my 30-40lbs I am needing to get rid of?! These strangers are real inspirations.

We had turkey burgers for dinner tonight. They were decent. I am running out of recipe ideas. I need more.

I also need to start walking again more often. Oh the to-do list... love them! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Whoa it's been a LONG time!

Where has time gone?!

I can't stand how life is just flying by so freakin fast! Lilly will be 9 months this week. Eeeekkk!

My little princess is almost 1 year old! She has 9 more days to spend with G-ma before I am home for summer break. I can't wait to get to spend the time with her. It'll also give me some time to do her scrap book and plan her birthday party.

We're going on our first plane ride minus dada... he can't get off from work :(
Going up to see Auntie in North Carolina with my parents. So at least I won't be traveling alone.

She has changed a lot since the last time I was on here. She's crawling and just started to pull up onto things. She has 2 bottom teeth. I think her top teeth will be here soon too. She is drooling a ton. She has a total fit if someone does something to her that she doesn't like (kisses, taking things away, pulling her away from the computer wire)!

She got her first booboo this afternoon... it breaks my heart. We were sitting outside on a blanket with the dogs. Well our one dog saw something and took off running, the leash was touching Lilly's arm and kinda gave her rope burn. She cried a little bit but nothing like she should have by the looks of it. It looks terrible. :::tear::: I cried. I just hope it doesn't leave a scar. I called the pedi and he said to put neosporin on it with a long sleeve shirt.

As for myself... I went back to WW last Saturday. The first week went well. I lost 2.2lbs. Better then I expected. I need to start walking more. I plan on going first thing in the morning once I am off this summer. I've found this great blog called that I love! The recipes are so yummy! It feels good to finally be doing something for myself. :)

I've been having some terrible mommy guilt. It is over the silliest things sometimes. I am getting through it though. This whole leash/rope burn deal isn't making it easy!