Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm not on a DIET!!!!!!!!

Holy food police! I can't stand how once you tell someone you are doing WW they automatically think it's their job to ask you, "Can you eat this?" "should you have that?" "Are you allowed...." "How many points is that?"

Or those people who want to know how it is going. Don't ask. It's not fun. Hell yeah I'd rather be eating a cheese steak sandwich with fries rather then this salad!

All the times I've done WW in the past the comments never really bothered me. This time, I am about to blow! Maybe because my head is totally in it. And I've realized it's not something I plan on only doing for a short amount of time. I'm in it for the long haul. And I am not only doing it for myself. It's for my husband and Lillian.

At work I had 2 coworkers who's husband's had heart attacks within a week of each other. Neither were over weight by any means. But their horrible eating habits probably caught up to them. Clogged arteries. And both are in their early 50's. That's too young for that to be going on!

Boy that felt good to vent! Now I'll be able to get through tomorrows comments!

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