Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"You're showing ALREADY..."

Yeah that is what MIL says to me tonight. WTF. I know she meant NOTHING at all by it but I am PG and being sensitive! She then asked me how many months I was and I tell her I will be 16 weeks on Saturday... FIL adds that I am 3 months & so many weeks. Okay great. My pregnancy book says I am in my 4th month... but after looking it up on google I realized there are two different ways to calculate it. Calendar months & lunar months! Either way it doesn't really matter. I am just venting and ultra sensitive! lol Oh and super tired b/c my family in town = lack of sleep!

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mtendere said...

I'd be annoyed, too, but I'm glad things are still going well for you! I just started not being able to button my favorite jeans - uh-oh!