Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Decision... MADE!

Love HER!!!!!! And lovin being home on spring break!!

So after lots of tears and talking we decided that it would be in the best interest for our family that K take the position at the sheriffs office.

I am excited for him and nervous for myself! He needs to get out of where he is at now. And this job offers great opportunities. Benefits, pension, VACATION time (he hasn't had one in years)!

I am nervous for myself because of the unknown. We have no idea what shift he'll end up with. It could be the midnight to 8am which would totally suck! That would mean I'd have to sleep alone- I don't deal well with that! That would mean I would now have to start dropping Lillian off in the mornings at my moms. Which is alright but I'd be getting up super early, having to get ready alone with her at the same time... not sounding great to me! Yikes! Manageable of course but a PITA too! I just see that shift = more on my back!

Another ugh part is holidays. Depending on what shift he ends up with depends on if he'll get any holidays off at all. Boo to not knowing yet! I am so impatient!

As for my decision on moving schools. It's not possible. For the simple fact of (again) the unknown. I couldn't possibly wake up, get myself and a baby put together, fed and out the door, drive north 20 minutes to turn around and drive south 40 minutes ALL before 7:30 am!! I'd be waking up at freaking 4am. Which is not doable at all for me! So thats on hold. Which is perfectly fine. I wasn't thrilled with the whole idea to begin with.

So we'll see what happens! I'll be praying every night that K ends up with a day shift!!!!!!!!!! lol

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Becky said...

I'm back! I totally forgot you went private, and just today thought about you! Seems like your busy these days, i'm usually not, but this weekend i am! Lillian's looks so cute in pigtails, makes me almost want to have another baby and a girl, but maybe not...LOL My husband works a crazy schedule and sometimes i feel like i'm alone with Nick a lot, but you get used to it and into your own litle routine it's not bad. Sometimes its harded when Greg's here because he wants to do things his way and Nick's not used to that.

So i promise i'll stop by more often!