Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Getting ready to go out to dinner with DH!

Nothing much else new. I think my hormones were kicked up this morning. I started doing too much thinking and freaked out about having to get ready for work with a baby. I woke DH up early and asked if he was going to help me with it all. He told me how things were going to have to change and we would work it all out. As far as our routine in the mornings! LOL I am a dork!

Jessie~~ THANKS so much for my BFP card! I got it a while ago but was waiting to tell you via GP but I haven't seen you on! :)


Leannabanna said...

Happy Birthday!! Woo Hoo. Have a great night with DH!

Jessie said...

hope you're having a great birthday dinner!! i'm so glad you liked the card (it's the one i bought for you the day BEFORE you got your BFP) weird huh??

happy birthday again!

TennisWife815 said...

Happy Birthday Spink! I know I thought about posting last night and don't remember if I did (damn pregnancy brain) so just incase I didn't ... hear you go again. :O)