Saturday, January 31, 2009

9 weeks & counting

9 weeks and counting. These weeks seem to be going by slower and slower! I feel much more bloated this week. Still not feeling PG but I guess I should count myself as lucky! I have my first OB appointment on Wednesday. I hope I get to hear the heartbeat or something. I hope its just not a Q&A session. Nothing else new going on with baby at this point. Still trying to get all the maternity clothes washed and sorted. I have more maternity clothes now then regular clothes... kinda sad!
In other news, I was asked by my principal on Friday if I would take a student from another 1st grade class. Which annoys the piss outta me. Because this so called teacher can't handle him and has no structure in her room I get the little shit who bugs the hell out of her! Hmm. so annoying! Its like why should I have to pay for her lack of discipline and routine in her room. Its 100 days into the school year and she sends kids out of her room like crazy. Maybe they should consider getting rid of her! AHH! But of course I said yes with a smile. I CAN'T say no. Even though I'd like to give her my 2 cents on the whole situation! In all honesty this kid isn't that bad. I've had him in my room before when she(the other teacher) decided not to show for work and we had to split her room up into all our rooms. And I made it a point to tell my principal that he'd been in my room before and I told him "I don't know what you guys do down there but its not gonna fly in here!" and he was fine for me! So maybe that was my tiny way to tell her that the other teacher is a slacker! lol
On another note, my sisters found a lawyer that is willing to help them with the whole surrogacy. They are probably going to have to fly to Kentucky for the procedure. I was scared for a while that it might not happen. The states that they live in have laws that ban or don't allow it the way they have to do it. Not sure why. So this guy seems to have the answers they need! Which is totally exciting! :)


mtendere said...

I hate, hate, hate when they start switching kids around to new classes. My principal did that a lot last year and it is extremely frustrating. You get dumped on because you are a good teacher. I hope that the students does fine with you. Good luck with your appointment. I really hope everything works out soon for your sisters!

TennisWife815 said...

So glad to hear it may all work out for your sisters. GL at your appointment Pink. I feel like I haven't seen you around in ages!!