Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Favorites

Ahhh I love Friday's. I honestly live for every Friday!

My favorite this week is...

Having Monday off to spend ALL day with Lillian! We met some friends for lunch at the mall. Lillian blessed my friend Lindsey with a little spit up! Ew! It was actually more then I've ever seen her spit up before. Lins is one of those friends who has huge boobs and lets them hang out... well the spit up went right down her cleavage! My other friends thought it was hysterical. I was totally embarrassed! Oops!

After lunch we walked around Walmart for about an hour. I looked at a ton of things I don't need and didn't buy! Only for the fact that Kevin and I made a deal to only buy things we *need*. Hate that damn deal!

After Wally world we went home for nap time. I just loved being with her all day. Thank God for Presidents! ;)

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