Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fatty, fatty, 2 by 4...

can't fit through the kitchen door. Maybe I'd be better off if I couldn't fit in the kitchen door!
Still having a hard time fitting in anything. Fitting in exercise into my daily schedule, fitting into any clothes, fitting into what I want to be... a size 8. Thats all. I don't want to be stick skinny. Just a simple 8. Right now I am squeezing into my 12's which is gross. I went shopping and got a few tops but REFUSE to buy 14s for the lower half. Yuck. Ok enough bitching!

On to my little princess!!! I literally could eat her up! She is getting such a little attitude and shhhh I think its hilarious! I know I will not be saying this come next year when she is being a brat! But right now its funny as heck. I try to pry her tiny little mouth open to see if any teeth are breaking through. She gets all stiff and her face turns red and she makes this mean grunting noise like saying "get the hell off me!"
She is so cute and entertaining. In the car she talks so much. Sometimes you know its too much because her throat gets all dry and she ends up coughing. She only fusses when she is either hungry or sleepy.
Speaking of sleep. She is doing fabulous! We've been waking her up before we go to bed to give her a few ounces. Depending on how late her last feeding was. Last night she ate at 8pm and didn't wake till 6am!! Whooo Hooo! FINALLY! I probably just jinxed myself! lol

Life is still hectic as hell but I am loving every stinking moment with Lillian! I know its going to fly by and she'll be 16 before I can blink.


Lindsey said...

It's so hard on us when our clothes don't fit. Just know you're not alone! I could vent about this for hours!!

mtendere said...

I glad Lillian is doing so well. I'm sure it's tough to juggle everything. And post another picture of that cutie!

Eclipsed said...

I'm glad she's sleeping for you Pink. I refuse to go shopping until I lose more weight because it honestly makes me mentally ill.