Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learned a lot about myself recently

1. I am more of a paranoid mom then I thought I'd be.

L's been sick and I am freaking out she is going to get dehydrated. Pedi said to stop giving her formula so the diarrhea stops (which it has) so I've been pushing pedialyte that she isn't a fan of. I felt like I was hit by a bus by 5pm yesterday simply from worrying all.freakin.day!

2. I totally have an emotional eating issue.

With her being sick I've been stressed. I turn to junk food for comfort... I've never really realized this before!! It's really that I noticed it cause now I am making a conscious effort to distance myself from it all. Considering I lost ZERO pounds last week motivates me even more.

3. I get irritable very fast over nothing.

This I've kind have seen before but totally saw it the last few days. It started with not losing any weight last week, then talking to DH about $$, and having L get sick to finish it off. I went to bed early last night before punching something!! I didn't fall asleep till about 11 :::yawns:::

4. I'm not sure I could be a SAHM.

LOVE, love, love staying home with her. But I've realized I have to have some adult interaction during the week.

That's it! I must go do something productive before nap time ends!

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