Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm such a d o r k!

I'm moving my classroom tomorrow to the kindergarten hall and I am totally excited!
I think having new scenery is going to be great.

I've been in the same hallway/room for 4 years. I was always one of those kids that moved my bedroom furniture around 3 times a year. Mom would come home to crap every where. And I'd have my butt behind my dresser pushing it around the room!

The classroom I am moving to is bigger and much more open. The last 4 years I've been in a concreatable (a room they added on later as the school grew, no windows but 1). My new room has windows all across the front and lets in more natural light.

I am trying to picture in my head where I am going to put everything. I love the beginning of the year because it's a fresh start. :)

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mtendere said...

Moving to a new classroom can be fun. I've always needed some kind of change about every 3-4 years. I hope you enjoy kindergarten!