Friday, July 2, 2010

Pretty Amazed

This was my pumpkin 10 months ago.... and the picture below is her today! Wow, it amazes me how fast babies grow the first year. Before having L I didn't realize how short of a time period a year was. I use to think, Uh a YEAR... that's forever from now! Oh how I was wrong! Her first year of life is almost over. ::tear::
On another note, I am giving myself credit today for things I don't normally do.
-I went walking 2 times this week! Yay! That's more then I've done in a l o n g time.
-I am a great mom! We've been having so much fun this summer. I love, love, love watching her play on her own. Sitting there talking to her toys, looking at her books in depth and seeing her tiny gears in her head turning. She is my little sponge! Which reminds me we need to seriously get our mouths in shape. No more cuss words. My mouth is horrible sometimes. Especially when someone doesn't know how to drive in front of me!
-I ate pretty well this week. Don't think I lost any but we will find out tomorrow morning. Eeekk!
And another note! I feel like everyone (online buds) are TTC baby #2. I am kinda jealous. I am totally wishy washy when it comes to baby #2. Well just to put it out there, we won't be TTC again any time soon. We aren't saving $$ right now so until that happens we don't feel comfortable bringing another life into the world. I would LOVE to be pregnant again. But then I want to know L's little personality before having to focus on another lil' one. And I am *trying* to get back in shape so being pregnant would blow that out of the water. Have I said all this before?! Feeling like I've already posted this rant! lol
Ahh guess time will tell! :)


Eclipsed said...

The time does just fly right by but my gosh is she beautiful! I'm not ready to TTC #2 yet. I want to save up money to get a bigger house. We're in a town house right now too and we're quickly outgrowing it.

Kaymee said...

I want to spend some good quality one on one time with just my little Lincoln before we add another kiddo. The way I look at it is, I really can't give any other baby the attention that Lincoln is able to get from me right now. I want to enjoy that just a bit longer :)

Happy 10 months Lillian :)