Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Burnt out teacher here!

I love my job I really, really do! But I am having a hard time since being out at the beginning of the year. They seriously look at me like my heads cut off when I call them out for talking during writing.
We went over this 20 million times. When the music is on you are silent. Silent means no talking. Lets practice it now.... good. Do just that during writing. Should you be playing with your plastic wrapper from snack during writing? No, Mrs.A. Well what should you be doing? Writing. Ok what are you going to do to fix it? Write.
NOT EVEN 2 MINUTES LATER HE IS PLAYING AGAIN! Seriously. And I technically should be "conferencing" with others at this time!
My head is still attached to my shoulders. STOP looking at me like that when I again call you out for NOT WRITING. Pick a small moment, you're NOT done. WHen you're done you've only just begun....
ADD to your pictures
ADD to your words
ADD, ADD, ADD. Or start a new piece. And if I hear you went to the pool one more time I might just cut off my own head.
Reading... who teaches reading in 1st grade. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Teaching reading to 16 different kids on 10 different levels. Who has a dull butter knife???
I'm sorry Mrs.Smith. Your son does nothing in class. He doesn't look at the pictures while reading. He does not chunk the word and see if he knows AT least part of the word. He doesn't ask himself 1) does that word make sense 2) does that word sound right 3) does that word look right. Nope he keeps on keepin on reading that book all effed up!
"The cat ran no them c-c-c /c- ow-sh." So yes, yes he might stay back in 1st grade again if he doesn't get his shit together and stop playing and start reading during independent reading time. So NOT sorry! I don't care if you are embarrassed your son doesn't TRY!
V.E.N.T over! 5:30 am will be here soon and I'll have to do this shit called 1st grade all over again. Ahhh the feelings of working in title one! LOVE it!


Becky said...

I could never be a teacher, never!!!!!!!

Lyr said...

I'm not a teacher... but i could imagine. Hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful new years! Can't wait to catch up on all I've missed on your blog!

mtendere said...

Oh, I do not miss the headaches of teaching. They are very much the same in middle school. Hopefully you have some great teacher moments in the next week to remind you why you put up with all of the nonsense.

Eclipsed said...

They don't get much better in 3rd grade.