Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 Months... WOW!

I can't believe my baby is 4 months old already. I never thought that it would be so hard on me to see her get bigger. But I'm a big ole' mush pot over it. Just moving her out of her 3 months clothes is killing me! I was squeezing her chubby little butt in them till this week! :(
Lillian has changed so much. Rolling all over the place. I put her in her swing and literally turned my back to pick something off the floor and swoop there she went...facing backwards in the swing and flopping around like a fish.
DROOL! We have lots of it. Not sure if she is teething or what. She has her hands in her mouth a ton and her cheeks get bright red sometimes. I've felt around in there and don't feel anything. She is still NOT sttn. GAH! She is a total tease. One night this week she didn't get up at all. Then the next night she was up fussing 7-8 times. Usually we put the paci in her mouth and that satisfies her.

Its been SO crazy cold down here. 30's in FL huh? But yes it has been. Usually it'll get cold and then warm up during the day. It's stayed in the 50's a few days this week for the high. So we've had to bundle her up to go to grandma's in the morning.
I've had a few meltdowns recently. I've realized that being a mom (even though my DH is so very helpful) is no joke freaking hard. Hard as in I can't fit in everything. I am sick with myself personally. F.A.T- I went up 15 lbs after having Lillian. I lost the weight so quickly and should have paid more attention to KEEPing it off. But I didn't so now I am up 10lbs from what I was before getting PG. How does that happen? Uh, maybe from getting home late and not exercising. Maybe from eating like crap the last 3 months. Yes, that will do it.
Then I have work. Wow work sucks when you can't leave it at work. I have so much stuff I could/should be doing but I can't. And I refuse to do it when I could be spending time with Lillian. So I have reverted back to the old way of doing lesson plans. Handwriting them in. Administration isn't a big fan of people doing it that way but it isn't in our contract that they have to be typed out. Its just easier for me to be able to jot it down here and there. Rather then sitting behind a computer for hours.
Then there is the house... its dirty. And to be honest its the least of my worries!! Sooner or later I'll get it ALL together!!


Becky said...

wow i love the new pictures, she is getting so big, now she looks like a toddler not so much a baby any more. I think this was the age i started noticing Nick like this. Where do you live in FL, i'm on the east coast in Brevard County!

Eclipsed said...

She looks just like you Pink! She's so beautiful. I've been melting down a lot myself lately. It's hard as a working mom. Between trying to find time to hang out with baby, doing school work (which is overwhelming in and of itself), and trying to keep the house from looking like a bomb went off, something has to give.

Eclipsed said...

Oh, and I gave you and award. It's on my blog.

Sazz said...

Thanks for stopping by and your nice words. YOur baby is so big and beautiful.