Sunday, December 20, 2009


Someone was pooped out while at the mall to see Santa. She did great but I think she is still too tiny to realize what's going on. Below is a picture I took with my camera while she was with Santa.
I am having a terrible time getting into the Christmas spirit. Maybe it's the missing tree in our house. We live in a town house which isn't super small but with all the added baby stuff there isn't any room for a tree.
It could also be that DH's job is still on the rocks. Looking worse then ever. My BIL that also works at the same company was laid off. He worked in the field though doing the actual labor. DH works in the office end of the company. He is so stressed and uneasy. He knows any day he could be let go. We aren't buying presents for hardly anyone since we want to save $. We've made deals with family members (our sisters) to not buy for the little ones who are too young to realize. I'm sending $ to my nieces and nephews up north and bought a few toys for my nephew who lives by us. The part I am happy about is that everyone is healthy and we can all be together! Which is what means most at this time of year!
On a brighter note! Lillian is growing like a weed! She is rolling over like crazy. She has been sleeping on her belly which I was so scared of the first few nights. But now I am ok! We still have the paci problem. I've been getting up 6+ times a night to put the damn thing back in her mouth. I honestly don't know what to do other then let her cry it out. I'm going to try to let her fuss/cry a little longer the next few nights and see how that works.
I am a little annoyed with the doctors at the office I go to. I just wish they were all on the same page. I took her in on Monday because she was stuffed up (I was sick all weekend) and I told him how last time I was there another doctor told me to add rice cereal to her bottles for her poopy. He said he'd rather me give it to her on a spoon. We tried it out yesterday. She did alright. Had a few spoon fulls. And then started to cry cause she was hungry and it wasn't getting her full. She pounds 6 oz right now like its going out of style. She goes 4 sometimes 3 hours in between bottles. At night she goes from 6pm till 7am with out eating so thats a plus! She only wakes for the paci like I said before. She is a chunky monkey.... 14lbs 6oz! Love it! She will be 4 months on the 28th. Time is flying!!


mtendere said...

She's beautiful! I'm sorry things are so precarious right now with DH's job. I hope it looks better soon and that you are able to enjoy your Christmas together.

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Scullyhoyy said...

Love the pic of Lillian with Santa, so cute!