Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I just googled POOP!

No you didn't read that wrong. I just looked up on google baby poop pictures. I don't know if Lillian looks like it should. It's green and very very soft. We have been adding the rice cereal. It has helped. It went from watery to soft.
Is soft normal? I guess I should have paid more attention when changing all those diapers with my nieces and nephews!
So my dilemma is.... we are considering changing her formula because of it all. That and I feel like the Gentlease goes right through her. I am so effing SCARED to change formula. It's like playing with fire. I really hope she takes it well and isn't a fussy mess. We have some regular Enfamil so keep your fingers crossed. I figure if she hates it we'll know soon enough and just keep her with what she's on now. AHhhhh!
The sttn was short lived. Although I shouldn't complain. She gets up once a night now instead of 2. She's getting there!
Oh just an update on sister issue. We ended up not talking all weekend. Ended up at my parents house Sunday night and hashed it out on the back porch. She said I told her "You should take care of it." Insinuating abortion. I went off on her because I never even said that. I told her she should have been a little bit more responsible knowing what they had in front of them already. That doesn't mean abortion. I don't feel bad. The whole family was like OMG when she found out she was PG. She wasn't able to afford what she had, to me that isn't fair to the new baby. Whatever. It is what it is. I guess they are going to more counseling. Hopefully for her/kids sake it helps!


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

and watery/soft poops are normal. I had a dr. appointment today and asked too. It's when poops are hard you should worry about formula constipating them. :)

Becky said...

Your sister needs a good slap!!

Ok Nich on simulac sensative, and i actually like the walmart generic version bette, less suddsy and he burps more easily on it. I know tons of people who use the walmart or target (made by the same comp) instead of the name brand.

The rice is probably what messed up her poops, but as long as they are not hard and she's not straining to poop it's ok!!

Sounds like your doing great, it gets easier asthey get old, so i've been told and hope!!!!

Jenifer said...

I agree it's the formula that changes the consistency of the poop. Any time you introduce something different you will be able to tell by their poop. As long as it is not hard little pellets (a sign of constipation) then you are ok. We tried 5 different formulas with Ian before we found the right one. FYI Good Start will turn their poop the greenest color I have ever seen. Ick. We went with Target brand of gentlease formula. And at 8 months he rejected it and was really fussy, gassy and just unhappy and we now give him the lactose free version of Target formula. In our experience it takes a week to know if a formula is going to work or not. And we tried 5. I cried over how many kinds we were putting him through. But when you find one that works it's all worth it. Hang in there, it is hard in the beginning.