Wednesday, December 2, 2009


That's how I feel about myself right now. Eww.Yuck.Disgusting.
I have to be more determined. I really really don't want to cough up the $ for Weight Watchers but I think its come down to that. I am one of those people who have to go stand on the scale once a week. Online is too easy to cheat!

I lost all the baby weight plus some right after delivery. But the eating like shit and not exercising has caught up to me. And I feel it BIG time. I never got stretch marks during pregnancy. Yeah, I was blessed with them afterwards on my inner thighs. Only a few but still, WTF?

I fit into like 3 pairs of pants, and the back fat. Oh the back fat kills me! I can't wear hardly any of the shirts I own because of it. Its like a hotdog bun tucked under my shirt right below my bra line. CUTE I tell ya! I feel sick just writing this!

Alright I am going to cry in a corner now!


Britney said...

I found your blog through Mrs. F and I totally feel your pain. I too am thinking about joining weight watchers. I have 30lbs of baby weight to lose :( btw, your daughter is adorable.

Jenifer said...

Dont worry things will get better I promise. It gets easier each month they get older. Trust me. :)

Eclipsed said...

I've been doing WW, the online one though, and I've already lost 5lbs and managed to survive Thanksgiving unscathed. We can help each other out if you decide to join.