Friday, December 4, 2009

Drama, drama and more drama

Drama aka family!
So my sister just had her little girl. She is something like 2 months apart from Lillian. My sister doesn't make the best choices in life. She is married, to a uh... (trying to be nice here) guy who is not so nice. He is very negative, never lifts a finger to help out much. Anyways, long story short (ended up long haha) they have a 2 year old son and the new baby girl. They are having a hard time with money and their marriage. When their son was born my mom stopped working to take care of him. My mom always said when I had a baby she would do the same for us as she has done for them (as far as taking care of the baby). Well their 2 year old son was ready for preschool. He needs interaction with other children. And I just so happen to get pregnant. So it was going to be great. Mom could now do for us what she's been doing for them. That was this time last year when we found out I was pregnant.

STOP! Then we find out a few months later that now my sister is pregnant again. The whole family was like holy shit what is she going to do. They can't afford another child, their marriage is on the rocks. What was she thinking?! I said a few times man you should have been a little bit more responsible knowing whats going on in your life. Like wear a condom or use BC. Just because I was scared for her and what she was going to go through. She told me she'd be fine. Mom swore up and down that she was going to have to find child care for the new baby. Fast forward to last week. Sister says to me that mom offered to watch her little one too. REALLY cause mom has yet to give me the respect to say anything to me. My feelings were hurt. I pay my mom a small amount each week to watch Lillian. I KNOW my sister can't afford to pay her. So I'm pissed.

So last night my dad questions me about when I am going on spring break so him and mom can go out of town. Sister hears this and is like oh shit what am I going to do with my LO when that happens. So she starts questioning me about watching her LO on my spring break. I tell her I don't want to commit to anything. And I said something about how I was upset mom told her she'd watch her LO without letting me know first. She did NOT like that boy. Said she was going to shove my teeth down my throat (ok we're 27 and 30 years (shes older then me) old here, grow up). ANd then. then. I couldn't believe it says "Whatever, you wanted me to have an effing abortion anyways!" I was livid. NEVER ever ever would I say that to her or anyone. That is such a personal choice or decision. Why would I say that. I was effing pregnant at the time. Its just sick.

So she ended up storming out of the house and now won't talk to me. My other sister is in town for the weekend and this sister is saying she won't be in the same room as me. She is making up all kinds of shit trying to make me look like this mean bitch. I don't get it.

She is miserable with her marriage, has no $ and I think I am getting the brunt of it. Its just a mess. I am livid with the whole abortion comments and her telling my mom and other sisters that I said that. Never. I'm not being a softy on this one. I always usually call to make things better. No way!

On another note, if my husband tells me to eat less, move more he might get throat punched! Trying dang it. I walked 3 times this week. Alright this post is entirely tooo long! Good night!


Bee said...

Sorry, Pink. :( Family drama is just the worst. I hope your sister realizes that she is dealing with other stresses and taking it out on you isn't the right way to handle it.

Becky said...

Family drama is the worst, i have some right now too. You should talk to your mom, ask her is she's watching your sisters new born baby too, see what she says. You just have to confront her, no easy way about it. Hopefully you'll look back on this day and it won't seem so intense, maybe... Hang in there.

MrsBro... said...

What a horrible thing for her to say. I agree - she's projecting her issues onto you. I hope it all works out..

mtendere said...

Ugh! Doesn't sound like fun. I hope you get it worked out. It's not easy to be a punching bag for someone else.

Scullyhoyy said...

Drama is the word!
Sorry things are sucky with your sis, she sounds very self centered. Can't wait to see a new pic of Lillian:)