Thursday, January 14, 2010

WHY did I just eat that?

Seriously, chex mix. I didn't need you. This whole weight loss thing isn't going so well. I have no hand to mouth control at all. I was talking to my lovely friend E last night and told her something I've NEVER told anyone so far.
I miss being pregnant.
When I was pregnant I didn't have to worry about my fat ass.

I need to get my mind in gear. This isn't working what I got going on! :/

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Leannabanna said...

Oh yeah, I feel your pain. I am having the same issues right now. I am just too damn hungry all the time! WTF body!!! We can do this together Mrs.Pink! I am going to really start on Monday, eating right. Corey has agreed to start the shred with me. Here goes!