Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have it for just about everything.

Here is my tiny list:

- Motherhood too much to go into!!

- Being a Wife same as above

-Spending $ on MYSELF! This is a big one.... cause ya know I can spend whatever money I have on Lilly and it's always justified. I on the only hand, need nothing. The word *want* shouldn't even be in my vocabulary. Like the purse I wanted today while at Target. Yes, note the store one more time. TARGET. Not Coach which I was at while in NC. The green purse at Target today for $12.98 (it was on clearance) almost put me into tears!!
I walked by that damn purse 2 times before heading directly to the checkout lane! Like seriously. I know many people who spend $200+ on purses. But I can't... cause I don't... here's that word again... NEED it! I reminded myself several (almost 2o times) that we aren't currently saving so I need to do my part and only buy stuff I need. And then I proceeded to slap myself in the face for not taking $ and spending it on myself when in fact we did have a little to spare. We're not broke but saving is a big deal around here. And I'm all about it!

-Exercise. Hate that word. It just has neon negative lights all around it. I feel terrible when I don't go because I know it's so important for more then one reason. And then I feel horrible for going when I could be spending that hour with Lilly before bed. But now since I am on summer break I am going to go in the morning right when she gets out of bed. Ya know since its like 100 degrees here by 8am!!

- Eating well. I've had a reading workshop all week this week. Which means lots of eating out with friends to chat about what we're learning or lack there of! While at lunch this week I realized a few things. 1) I eat way to freakin fast 2) I eat a.l.o.t 3) I eat pretty much what I know I should be eating! I think #1 & 2 bother me the most. Now I know why my 2 friends stay so thin... they throw half of what they ordered away!

- Family. Love them all to the moon and back BUT they drive me nuts. Then I feel guilty for feeling annoyed! That bit is never ending!!

I guess my point in this is I am so tired of watching everything.

Watching how much money I spend, what I eat, how fast I eat, how much I eat, how I don't exercise, how I need to exercise, the amount of interaction I do with Lilly, planning her birthday party (WHOA!) how many times a week I cook dinner, the laundry being done, the house being cleaned, babysitting for my sister, and on and on and on and on!!!

I feel like I need a mental vacation!!

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*Mandy* said...

Oh I feel you on the exercise front. I am having such a hard time too. I just have no motivation. Same as eating healthy and there are so many gatherings and parties going on that it is hard to eat healthy.