Monday, July 13, 2009

Lillian's Shower @ 32 weeks

Oh my goodness I have the best family ever! They put together a great shower and I am so blessed to have them! Between the all the food and decorations it was amazing! The picture up top was before I started opening the gifts.
This picture is a quilt my mother hand made for us! She is so special and to have something she took so much time & energy to make means SO much.
Another smaller quilt my mom made. She said Lillian can use it as a security blanket. So sweet!!
This is a picture of a Christening dress my MIL made out of my wedding dress. I asked her when we found out we were PG to make something out of my dress as a keep sake. And when we found out Lillian was a girl I asked her if she'd be able to make a Christening dress. She said it would be too difficult, but she has a friend who helped her and this was the outcome! So cool!!

My mom & sisters
Opening the gifts!

Cute decorations!!

The yummy cake! It said "Welcome Lillian" on it. Love how they matched the cherry blossom theme!!

We are SO incredibly blessed and got everything we could possibly need. I originally thought we got TONs of 3-6mo clothes but after just going through it all we got a little bit of everything. Toys, necessities, bigger items (swing, travel system, pack n play, boppy seat). I couldn't ask for more!


Alyssa said...

I LOVE the idea to have a christening dress made from your wedding dress :)

Bee said...

How fun! Looks like it was a great shower. I LOVE the cake. Yum.

*Mandy* said...

Looks like a wonderful shower, I love the cake!!

Becky said...

What a great shower, you got so much. I love the quilts and love, love, love the gown from your wedding dress, what a great idea, mine's jsut sitting in my close collecting dust!

Oh and i love that the cake matched the nursery theme, too cute!

Eclipsed said...

Looks like you had a great time and made out like a bandit! The cake looks amazing!

mtendere said...

How wonderful! I talked to my mom about making a christening gown out of my wedding dress, but since she made the wedding dress, too, I don't think she could bear to cut it up! It's a wonderful idea, though. Everything looks wonderful!

Sazz said...

OMG those quilts are beautiful! I wish my mom could make stuff like that!.