Thursday, April 30, 2009

21w 5d Pics

This is the empty nursery. Found out today we won't be able to pick up the furniture till next weekend. They have to move it from their warehouse to the store and they won't be able to do it by this weekend. BULL if you ask me!
My toes... I need a pedi asap!

First bare belly shot. You can see my crazy birth mark below my belly button. It looks like liquid coming from my belly button. I feel like I look huge in these pics and I am just half way done... I am going to be a beast! LOL! I was laying down after school today and she was kicking like crazy. I put my hand on my belly and she kicked so hard it scared me. I actually jumped! DH felt her the other night. It was really neat. It's very light but he was able to feel it.


Eclipsed said...

You will not be a whale! You will be just as adorable as you are now. P.S. I'm jealous that you can even still see your feet!

Scullyhoyy said...

You look great!!