Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2nd BIG u/s set up!

I am such a dork! So the u/s tech's words have been running non stop through my mind, "I THINK its a girl." So I said eff it and made an appointment at a local u/s place to get a "Pink or Blue" u/s done tomorrow! Not wasting anytime! Its only $95 for a 2d to determine the sex. If for some reason baby still has her legs crossed I get to go back at no charge. So its totally worth it to me for the peace of mind! And if I want to go back for the 3d/4d u/s I get 15% off. Which we will probably do. So I am excited to see her (hopefully her) again! :)
Today is our 2 year Anniversary! Time is flying! And life is great!  


Becky said...

Wow that would drive me crazy. Instead of paying to go to the other place, try calling the ultrasound tech's office and get a second opinion/some one else to look at the pictures, i'm sure they will do this. I've known a few people who didn't get strong Pink or blue signs and had someone else in the office look and did get a confirmation!!!!

Mrs.Pink said...

There is only one tech at the office. I'd rather pay the money and have a good experience then go back there. I think it might be more expensive if I went back to the office. Even their 3D/4D is much more costly. I was lucky she tried b/c according to her the doctors could "careless" about the gender. The whole point of the ultrasound was for the anatomy scan to measure all the major organs. So we will see!!