Sunday, April 26, 2009

So pissed off!! LONG POST

Family can rock and family can suck. And right now they suck!
A few years ago when DH and I moved into our house my sister had furniture in her house that she needed to get rid of. It was my mom's furniture. This is the same bedroom set that I grew up in. Its really nice oak hardwood furniture. So being that DH and I had nothing to fill the spare bedroom we took it. I swore my mom said we could HAVE it. I don't barrow shit. Simply for the fact that I don't like being responsible if something happens to it and later on down that line have to hear about it for the rest of my life.

So my sister who lives down here (who is 10w PG) called to see if I could lend her the dresser and nightstand to that set to use for her 2 yr olds room. I hear my mom in the background yelling, "Thats MY furniture". I was livid and hung up on her. Note this sister hangs up on me once a month and freaks at the drop of a dime.

So an hour I call her back. And she says, "Oh mom was kidding about the furniture." My mom is flaky so I thought okay. I explained to my sister that if she would have asked a week earlier she could have used those pieces. But we just sold all the office furniture and all the crap that was in it is now in the dresser and nightstand.

So I call my mom a little while later. My dad answers her cellphone. I asked him why he is answering her phone... he never answers any phone that rings! He say that my mom is upset with me b/c I hung up on her... um no I hung up on Melissa (sister). Such bullshit. So she gets on the phone and she asks me what I am doing. I said "The guys just got done moving MY furniture." thinking if she was kidding then it would be funny... yea not at all. She flipped out telling me its her furniture and for me to get ready b/c when they move to GA (in 4 years) she will be taking it with her. I LOST IT! I never go off on my mom and I did.

I told her that she needed to come get it in the morning then and I don't want it in my house. My mom has done this to my two oldest sisters before with a lamp and another dresser. So I should have known better and made her put it in writing! DH was livid as well. I know it will all work itself out but it just bullshit.

This sister that lives down here is nicknamed "The LOVE child" in the family. I know if she wouldn't have asked this would have never been an issue. But because she is in need of it now I am an asshole and inconvenienced. I called her too and told her to come get it b/c apparently what Melissa wants, Melissa gets. Boy she didn't like that! LOL :)~

Anyways, this post is freaking LONG and I needed to get it all out. I am pretty upset that they spent all afternoon moving this effing furniture from the spare bedroom down to the den and now my mom is starting shit about it. I am just disappointed! :(


Rsgrl said...

I totally understand and feel your frustration. Families can be total shit sometimes. Good luck getting it all worked out and I'm proud of you for not letting them bowl you over.

Bee said...

I'm sorry, love. I will cut down some trees and build you an even better furniture set.

mtendere said...

Why can't adults act like adults? I'm sorry you're having to deal with this now.

*Mandy* said...

I am so sorry, I completely understand where you are coming from. DH's parents are the same way. They gave him an old dresser when he moved in with me and we sold it last year for $30 when we bought a new set. Well his mom lost it and so did his sister because apparently she was suppose to get it as it matched her dresser that MIL had given her. SIL is the love child in DH's family too, anything she wants, she gets. It is so annoying. I hope it all works out soon. GL