Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling MUCH better!

I saw the "hamburger" so its definitely a girl! :)
This ultrasound place was so cool. It had a spa feel to it and was really just a little hole in the wall. The room where they did the u/s they had a huge screen where you could watch everything. It was like being at the movies! And the room itself was huge too. So plenty of people could come with. The tech said we were lucky to get a great shot at the start because she went back a few times and she was all curled up. She didn't have her thumb in her mouth today. And was moving all around. We got a DVD of the whole thing. I've watched it 5 times already!! I love that I can pop it in and see her moving around in there! SO worth the $$. My mom told me to go ahead and order the bedding and she'll pay for it! YAY! So I'll be doing that soon. It's really starting to hit me these days. Especially watching her move around. During the past ultrasounds it was so cut and dry and wasn't pleasant at all. This was a whole different experience. We're going back May 27th for the 3D/4D. I am lmao right now... SIL just called to double check if it was still a girl! Haha! :)~ 


Becky said...

Wow sounds like a reallyt great experience, i'm glad you got your confirmation and feel better about it. Now 'mrs pink' has joined the pink team, pretty funny!!

in regards to my last comment on your last post, what jerks you went to! They should not be in that profession with that shitty attitude. Yes we know it's an 'anatomy' scan, but we also have the right to know the sex, if we want!

I had a follow up U/S today and the tech said,'just to confirm, it's still a boy', they were so nice about it.

Eclipsed said...

Aren't the 3d places so much nicer then the regular doctor's office? It does have a spa feel to it. I'm so glad you have peace of mind and you'll have so much fun picking out girly things.

Bee said...

Yay for a girl (definitely!). :) What a relief to know for sure, huh? Sorry I couldn't chat earlier. I'm so glad it went well and that you have a keepsake dvd to watch!!

Becky said...

to the comment you left on my blog is AIM, aol instant message, if so then no i don't. I am not computer savy at all, i can't believe i actually have a working blog, that's how bad i am at computers!!