Sunday, May 17, 2009

24 weeks

Finally a picture taken by DH! I can't believe I am 24 weeks. Still feeling her move a lot which is really neat. I am getting a little concerned about my weight. I think I am up something like 8-9 lbs and so I am trying to be really careful what I am putting in my mouth. Everyone says enjoy it while you can... my thought on that is that I won't be enjoying working it OFF so why do that to myself now! I don't want to have to kill myself after she gets here trying to loose weight (weight I had before she was even in there) and so I am going to now try to really buckle down. Okay enough on that!
We haven't registered yet and that leaves us with next weekend. We are 100% going to get it done. DH for some reason is not that into the whole idea. Probably because he knows me so well and knows how extremely indecisive I am! I suck at picking out anything! And honestly I am not that excited about it either for that fact! I'm such a PITA! :)
A few more weeks till the 3d/4d ultrasound... can't wait to see her again!


Becky said...

You look great, i registered at Target on Friday it was a lot of fun, but hard. The hardest part was the bottles, so many to choose from! Just try to have fun and not stress too much over it. If you forget something of want to change your mind you can do it on from home, that might make it less crazy for you!

*Mandy* said...

You look so great!! Such a perfect belly

mtendere said...

Looking great, as usual! Get started on the registry, at least. Maybe you can just set a time limit so that if it is dragging on forever, you just leave and come back again later, or work online. I think that's what we'll do to keep from having a repeat of our wedding registry marathon!