Saturday, May 23, 2009

25 weeks

Can't believe its 25 weeks... time is ticking. I am just now starting to get over this cold. My nose is still stuffy but nothing like it was before. So glad DH hasn't caught it! Speaking of DH. He has been great. He took really good care of me while I was sick. Not complaining of the laundry basket that was over flowing or about wearing one pair of jeans 3times in one week with out being washed. Gross I know but I did nothing all week as far as cleaning and laundry! He is really wonderful and I couldn't ask for more! He is hopefully leaving his 2nd job (that he does on weekends) come the end of June. He has worked his tush off and deserves to have his weekends again. If need be he can go back to make the extra $ but thats only if we get in a bind.
We ended up registering last weekend at BRU and I also started one at Target to give people options. BRU is about 20 minutes from here and some people don't like the drive. I was shocked to see (thanks to E's good eyes) that someone already bought our travel system and bouncy seat from BRU... someone is on the ball! We also bought a glider at Walmart. It matches the rest of the nursery furniture perfect. It wasn't expensive and will get the job done. Speaking of nursery furniture. We are still waiting to hear from the store about the night stand and bed rails. Thats all that we're waiting on. So DH said last night that if the night stand isn't here by the end of June we will schedule them to deliver everything else and once those two things get in we will make the drive down to get it. He said he wants the furniture before my shower (July 11th) which I totally agree with him on! So that's exciting!
We haven't set it in stone but I am 98% sure we are going to use Paige as her middle name. So it will be Lillian Paige. It is the only middle name that keeps coming back to me. Ohhh I almost forgot SIL has 2 weeks left. She is 1 cm dilated... it is going to be so fun seeing Alexa and seeing how the family handles the whole situation! lol :)


mtendere said...

That's a beautiful name. It must be amazing to see everything starting to come together. I'm so happy for you. It's so exciting!

Jessie said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the middle name! it sounds way better than lillian jessie ;)

Scullyhoyy said...

yay for 25 weeks! I love the middle name!