Friday, May 29, 2009

WHAT the heck?!!

For some reason I can't upload pics. It pops up with an error message and isn't working! UGH!

Anyways, DH got a call today saying all our furniture was in! YAY!! I can't wait for it to be here. So this time next week we should be set. Then that means I can call the lady who is coming to paint the cherry blossom tree in the corner. And get the clothes (hand me downs) washed and put away. We have got so much hand me downs. So far we have lots of clothes, bouncy seat, swing, bathtub, play mat, sleep nest (portable sleep thing for when they are tiny), breast pump, pack n play, exersaucer, jumping seat that hangs in the door, diaper champ and lots of other various toys. It's crazy! I still registered for most of these things. If we get them great... then the used stuff can go to my moms house. If not we will figure out what we need to bring back or return and keep the used stuff.

Feeling her move lots more in different parts like up by my ribs. I totally ate shit at work this week. Right in the main hallway of the office. Water was splattered down the whole freaking hallway. Luckily I landed on my right knee... hurt like a bitch but Lilly was fine! Everyone was flipping out. I was more scared then anything b/c I never saw it coming. The end of the year is such a PITA. We have to take everything off our walls even if we aren't moving classrooms. Why you might ask... NO idea! I tried taking down what I could today but DH is going in with me to get the rest off the walls. Lots of paperwork and returning books, and resources... also known as waddling my tubby ass around the campus looking for people to sign off on my "checklist" that HAS to be done before we leave.
I plan on using comp time when SIL has Alexa. If she doesn't go into labor on her own by Wed 6/3 then she will be induced. She is getting nervous. I told her to let me know and I'll do whatever she needs. Okay this is turning out to be a LONG freaking post! Need to figure out what is going on with this error code when trying to upload pics!

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mtendere said...

Closing out the school year is a pain, but it's the same everywhere, I've taught. Checklists, and clearing the walls. I guess it's so they can move people around more easily, if things change?

I'm glad Lilly is doing well. Congratulations on finishing the year. I still have a week and a half!