Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WHAT... no more u/s!

I went to the doctor today and of course asked when or if we would get anymore u/s and he said no unless the baby is measuring too big or small. :(
Boo to that! Heard the heartbeat which is always amazing! He measured my belly which was a first and said I am measuring right on track. I am only up 7lbs which is surprising with all the bagels & donuts I've eaten the last few weeks from Dunkin Donuts! I go back June 16th and have to do the glucose test a week before that appointment. Then after the June 16th appointment I start going every 2 weeks for check ups. I asked him about this stupid head cold I have and he said it just has to run its course... didn't want to hear that! But whatever. I will throw a fit if I still feel like shit come 2 weeks from now!
Besides that things are good. Counting down the last days of school... 10 more to go!


Becky said...

How weird tehy won't do another ultra sound. My dr. just schulded me for one at 32 weeks just to see how everything looked. I know all dr's are different, though, sorry.

mtendere said...

I hope you are feeling better! Well, hopefully everything stays on track and there's no need for another u/s, but I know you'd sure like to see the baby again. I'm counting down, too, 14 days...seems like too many!