Sunday, June 14, 2009

28 weeks

Bare belly... my pants were tight before I pulled them down!

Here is me. Looking annoyed b/c its hot as heck outside these days! lol
Yay! We are going on a mini vaca before Lillian comes. We decided to go to Key Largo and stay at the Marriott Beach Resort. All it will be is a lot of relaxing and hanging out... my kind of fun! I go to the doctor again on Tuesday and then I'll have to start going every 2 weeks. I need to make sure with the doc that is okay to travel when we are going. I also might be going to Georgia to my parents property (they plan on building a home on it) the last weekend in June. Their best friends live up there and have been wanting me to go up for a while. I'll be a tag along with my sister and her family. Not sure about sitting in the car for 8 hours though. :/
Things are good! We changed our 3D u/s AGAIN. DH has volleyball now on Wednesday nights so we moved it to June 25th... can't wait!


*Mandy* said...

You are too cute!! That will be a great mini vacay, relaxation sounds so nice!!

mtendere said...

Can you believe it's already 28 weeks? It seems like you were just announcing your BFP! Enjoy your travels.