Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New look & doctors appointment

I was kinda bored today so I decided to change my blog. The header was a little difficult but over all I think I did an okay job!

On another note I had a doctors appointment today. He kinda freaked me out (being dramatic lol) when he said "Your now at the point of your pregnancy where you have to be aware of cramps. If they last longer then 30 seconds, do not go away with drinking fluids and putting your feet up, and you have more then 5 in one hour... then you should be calling us. " I was like okay... I assumed at that point he was referring to BH contractions. So the whole point that I am now in 3rd tri and its towards the end of the road pretty much scares me! But I'll get over it. I told DH what the doctor said and his response, "So let me guess your at home now and having cramps?!" No ass wipe. I am freaking out because Lillian will be here before you know it! He makes me sound like such a puss puss sometimes! But I love him!

Right after my appointment I ran to school to find out when my classroom will be ready for me to go back in. I want to start putting back as much as I can before I get any bigger. Why we had to take everything off the walls for them to wax the floors is beyond me. Annoying! At least the lady who is subbing is offering to come help me!

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