Thursday, June 4, 2009

Witnessed my SIL give birth today!

Wow, wow, wow! It was amazing! I got to the hospital at around 12:15 this afternoon and was surprised that her legs were full up in the air and she was pushing. I got right in my spot which was up by her head fully aware that I didn't want to see anything that she wasn't comfortable with me seeing. About 20 minutes go by of pushing... and yeah its impossible to not see the goods down there, she says to me "You can look!" and I responded with an "I did" and her hubs reassured her everyone can see down there! lol. She had the epi before I got there but made it clear that it was HELL before the epi. She said the pain was horrible and couldn't picture doing it with out the epi. After about 45 minutes the doctor came in to assess the situation. And then about 10 minutes after that she was gearing up. SIL was pushing and taking breaks all along. She didn't complain at all besides being tired. It was a full blown workout. That part scares me!! I am such a lazy ass! lol
So another few minutes go by and the room filled up with nurses. The doctor by this time is in her gear. The bottom half of the bed comes off and they put this bag under her butt that goes all the way to the floor (it catches all the nastiness) and a table was covered in blue sterile paper with lots of instruments on top. Everyone was in go mode... SIL needed ice. I was the only one with the free hand. And had to scramble to get ice or a sip of water for her... I've waited tables but never had to poor water under that kind of pressure! haha
So I get out of the way so the respiratory nurse can get to her suction tube and sit back and watch. She pushed probably 6 times and had to be cut a tiny bit (for this I turned my head).
I was on the phone with DH whispering to him what was going on.
Me: "OMG her head is out... she is so cute... her head is the only thing out."
DH: "Why are you looking down there?"
Me: "How can you NOT?!"
Me: ;;; sobbing like a baby;;;
And she came right out like nothing. She cried pretty much before the rest of her body was even out. She is perfect and I am so glad I was able to be there. I was REALLY surprised at how big the afterbirth or placenta I guess you would call it was. They had a round dish they put it in and it pretty much filled up the entire thing. BIL was hilarious when he saw this happen... "What was THAT?!" he said. It was funny! So that was my afternoon! Pretty neat. I hope my experience is just as it was for her. DH and I are going back up to the hospital after he gets off work. Happy Birthday Alexa!


*Mandy* said...

How amazing, I am sitting here in tears so I can just imagine how wonderful it is.

TennisWife815 said...

It is truly an awesome experience, Pink. The afterbirth is interesting -- I heard my placenta drop (my biggest fear) and that was the worst part of my labor. I know you've got awhile, but we're thinking easy thoughts for you. And congrats, auntie!!

lady gray said...

welcome to Alexa! congrats to your whole family, pink!

and... um... bag under the butt?! i have never heard of a bag under the butt... ewwww